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One of the coolest corners of the coffee competition world gets its moment in the spotlight today – the 2011 Ibrik Championship is going down live right now in Maastricht, Netherlands! The presentations, gear and skills that get shown off at this event are totally out of control; we just watched Zoltan Kis of Hungary make a poppyseed-infused signature drink while rocking out to some Eastern European free jazz. And all the judges wear the fez.

“During the competition, the competitors have 12 minutes to serve 2 traditional coffees without additives of any kind, then 2 coffees with spice and sugar, and finally 2 signature beverages. In this competition the atmosphere and the visual effects are as important as the taste of the beverage. Scores are given in open judging as the competition unfolds.”

Dig the live feed here via World Coffee Events Channel Two

Learn more about the Ibrik Championship here!

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