Instagram latte art is all the rage. Beautiful designs on top of a latte! What’s not to like? Whether you’re a barista looking for new ideas ahead of this year’s round of latte art competitions, or just a coffee drinker daydreaming about your next coffee break, scrolling through latte art on the internet can be a delightful past-time. If you simply love coffee (like we do) and want to add a little more beauty to your feed, we recommend following all of these latte art all stars!

16. Barista Gary @garyperong

Gary is a barista in Taiwan, currently in the midst of a build-out for a brand new training center. Check out the action on Facebook.

15. Rawirat Techasitthanet @jibbilittle

Rawirat “Jibbi” Techasitthanet is a seasoned barista from Australia, winning numerous awards for her latte art. Check out this feature on her work over at Cafe Culture.

14. Cafe Oneway @barista_dash

Cafe Oneway is a coffee bar in Seoul, South Korea.

13. Tadahisa Fukusho @tadahisafukusho

Tadahisa Fukusho is a barista in Tokyo, Japan who recently stopped in on the latte art-forward crew at Menotti’s (check out @Nicely85 below).

12. Matthew Lakajev @latteartporn

This Sydney based latte artist works for Coffee Brothers. Incredible work.

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11. 梁凡

This barista lives in Chongqing, China. Beautiful!

10. Alan Chan @alanchancoffee

Alan Chan is the owner and barista at One Origin Specialty Coffee in Malvern, Australia.

9. Benjamin William Essex Morrow @ben_morrow

This “latte art cowboy” (no seriously, that’s his nickname) works at Plantation Coffee in Australia, and is a seasoned latte art competitor, recently taking top prize at the AASCA Victorian Latte Art Finals.

8. Nicely Abel @nicely85

Known by many as the “Godfather of Latte Art,” this artist got his start at Vivace in Seattle, Washington. Now, Christopher Nicely Abel can be found at Menotti’s in Los Angeles. Look out for some of the most inventive pours around.

7. Simeon Bricker @simbricks

Mr. Bricker is the reigning US Latte Art Champion (he’s the only US Latte Art Champion). His feed is full of fresh ideas.

6. Kyle Dols @dejamoon

Kyle Dols is a US Latte Art finalist. The Dols pours are always hot.

5. Jelle Van Echelpoel @belgianbarista

The Belgian Barista was on the world stage in 2014 representing…Sweden! Mr. Echelpoel once poured an incredible 28 tiered tulip and we still have dreams about it.

4. 吴达锋 @ada_crew

This latte artist believes “latte art is life” and we couldn’t agree more. Check out their work for some serious living! You’ll die!

3. Rhys Odd @rhysodd

When it comes to life, this artist believes in “absolute freedom.” We believe in their ability to make teddy bear latte art! Squeeeeeeeal!

2. 신군수 @gunsoo_shin

Artist or madman? That’s what Gunshoo Shin of 美’친 Coffee wants to know! We think a little bit of both, honestly. We love it!

1. Barista Ian @ian19890204

This artist from Taiwan has some striking pours. Dramatic, sharp, and almost poetic.

Special thanks to Jelle Van Echelpoel and Dean Kallivrousis for their suggestions. Did we leave out your favorite Instagram latte art forward account? Don’t hold back! Let us know about it in the comments below!

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