Recently in these pages we’ve shed a lot of pixels talking about the ongoing, highly fascinating crossover happening between the coffee and culinary worlds. But another avenue of interaction between speciality coffee and the outside world remains largely unexplored: the merging of coffee and contemporary fashion. We know of a few examples out of Portland, Oregon, including the Stumptown x Poler collabo, a line of beanies for Heart Coffee by Coal, and Pino‘s annual holiday bow tie team-up with Sterling Coffee Roasters. There’s a few others, like these cycling hats for Intelligentsia by Golden Saddle Cyclery, but this is still a largely un-tapped market.

That’s starting to change though, and like a lot of things in coffee, New Zealanders are at the forefront in a most interesting way. Yesterday our friends and partners at Coffee Supreme revealed their long-in-the-works coffee apron collaboration with I Love Ugly, one of the biggest names in Kiwi fashion since Karen Walker.

Coffee Supreme I Love Ugly Apron-IMG_2002

Currently found at stockists around the world and via popular web lifestyle shopping verticals like Asos and Hypebeast, I Love Ugly presents a hip, subdued take on men’s fashion and everyday street wear. The brand, which has been featured by fashion blogs around the world, has a damn good blog of its own comprised of equal parts behind-the-scenes product shoots and unexpectedly good music writing, with recent articles on the LA producer Mndsgn and Berlin’s IAMNOBODI.

Coffee Supreme I Love Ugly Apron-IMG_2367

Coffee Supreme I Love Ugly Apron-IMG_2008

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I Love Ugly is headquartered in Auckland, and they’ve got shops in the AKL and Wellington, with a fifth coming soon to Los Angeles. For this collaboration with Coffee Supreme, they’ve created just 60 waxed cotton aprons, lined with cotton gingham. The aprons are now shipping worldwide via Coffee Supreme’s web store, packed discreetly in coffee bags adorned with this wrap-around text:

coffee supreme I love ugly apron bag

The apron is also available for physical pick up at all of Coffee Supreme’s stores, and at two of I Love Ugly’s boutiques, in Auckland’s Newmarket and in Wellington on Lambton Quay. The two brands collaborated closely on the apron’s design, creating “a customised Barista apron, tailored to the demands of the role, and allowing both Coffee Supreme and I Love Ugly to capitalise on our respective core strengths and expertise,” according to an in-depth look at the project on Coffee Supreme’s blog. That same post says:

It’s the age-old story of people coming together over coffee and sharing ideas that started this collaboration. The team from I Love Ugly would often stop by Good One to join the weekly coffee tasting and it was only a matter of time before the ‘we should do something together’ line came out.These serendipitous encounters are what we love about being in the coffee business.

Yes to this, we say. Yes to all of this. Don’t just dream about coffee & brand collaborations, for the future of coffee + fashion is bright indeed. To wit: the models in the photo shoot are all working baristas at some of New Zealand’s best cafes. Dear fashion brands, please work more with contemporary coffee brands, if for no other reason than having access to a new pool of models! Here’s the Coffee Supreme x I Love Ugly Apron, as worn by the following New Zealand baristas.

Coffee Supreme I Love Ugly Apron-IMG_2349_2

Tim Noriss, Customs Brew Bar, Wellington. 

Coffee Supreme I Love Ugly Apron-IMG_2377_2

Liz Platova, Six Barrel Soda Co., Wellington

Coffee Supreme I Love Ugly Apron-IMG_2015

Roxy Pease, Mondays Wholefoods, Auckland 

Coffee Supreme I Love Ugly Apron-IMG_1888

Oliver Simon, Good One, Auckland.

Fashion photos in this feature were by Douglas Johns for Coffee Supreme, used with permission. Product shots were produced in Portland, Oregon by Zachary Carlsen for
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