It came from last year’s crop wwoooowoooowowooo

If that’s the sort of fright you are looking for this Halloween, then have I got the coffee box set for you. The new Trick or Treat educational box set from Philadelphia’s ReAnimator Coffee comes with a total of 12 ounces of this year’s crop of their Ethiopia Gera as well as GASP! two ounces of the same coffee from last year’s crop.

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The importance of freshness in coffee is something that gets talked about quite a bit, but most of us on the demand side never really get to flesh out what that actually means. But with the Trick or Treat box, consumers are now actually able to taste how age affects flavor in coffee.

Our single origin menu rotates so frequently because we are trying to never let any coffee we sell show the negative signs of age from harvest.

However, we know that tasting age in coffee can be a subtle, intangible thing for a lot of our customers. So, we’re presenting this boxset as a utility to explore that concept and taste it for yourself.

Officially, the box set comes with 10 ounces of this year’s Gera, and then two two-ounce samples bags, “Trick” and “Treat,” Trick being last year’s crop and Treat being more of this year’s.

The limited box set retails for $25 and can be purchased via ReAnimator’s website. You might as well add on a mug or a beanie to your order to get that free shipping on orders of $35 or more. And who knows, perhaps “soon, you’ll have a supernatural ability to taste age in coffee…”

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*top image via ReAnimator Coffee.

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