Australia is home to some of the most striking, iconic cafe design in the world, as we’ve profiled over the years on Sprudge. But whose design is the most intrepid, adventuresome, dauntless and downright bodacious? Take a look at ten of our very favorites.

The Kettle Black In Melbourne


From The Kettle Black In Melbourne: Where Fine Dining Meets Casual Brunching

“The physical venue itself is astonishing to behold—half of the café has been fit-out in the bottom of a brand new, super-sleek apartment building, which looms over the old Victorian terrace house containing the other half of the cafe. The space was designed by Studio You Me, with the new half’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows allowing a spectacular amount of light in, while the old half has a cosy, homely feel. Across the two sides, sophisticated elements of marble, brass, and green tiles tie the establishment’s aesthetic together—while a striking light piece brings a unique character to the newer half of the café.”

Yellow Bernard in Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania Coffee Sprudge

From Five Great Places For Coffee In Hobart, Tasmania

“The space is small, black, yellow, and white in color, with a high espresso perch which surrounds the window where you can knock down a quick cup and macaroon combo, or stand right near the machine and have a chat with the barista.”

Like Minded Projects in Melbourne

Eileen P Kenny MelbourneLike Minded Projects 23

From The Ethical Shop: Infinite Retail Possibilities At Melbourne’s Like Minded Projects

“Fittingly, the design of the space was collaboration between So, Samantha Eades of Stylesmiths, and the in-house design team of Sprudge’s friends and partners at Coffee Supreme, led by Justin Emerson. A wall of hanging plants brings a comforting terrarium-like feel to the space, and the pendant lights from Anchor Ceramics look so beautiful that you want to reach out and touch them (which I did).”

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East Elevation in Melbourne

East Elevation Melbourne-_MG_7745
From Breakfast Amidst A Garden At East Elevation Melbourne

“Cafes and restaurants that source some of their ingredients from their own gardens is nothing new, but the idea of growing microgreens—East Elevation has eleven varieties going from basil to lentil—feels fresh. And while most gardens that supply cafes or restaurants aren’t usually seen by the customer, here you’re right in the middle of it. With the glass ceilings and assorted greenery stashed around the space, East Elevation certainly looks more like a greenhouse than a cafe, with vines and plants everywhere that you look.”

NORA in Melbourne

Nora Melbourne-IMG_0376
From NORA Melbourne: Not Your Quotidian Coffee & Brekkie

“With menu items like Dear Mitchell (pillowy custard-like eggs, housemade chili dressing, salted shrimp & thai greens) and Churning of The Sea of Milk (delicately smoked trout, nashi pear, succulents, flying fish roe, beets & coconut ricotta), there’s no chance that NORA could be accused of being unoriginal. The food is unique and challenging on a number of levels, served with sides of Yorkshire pudding and raw, lightly dressed cabbage.”

MPavilion (temporary) in Melbourne

Everyday Coffee M Pavillion Melbourne-IMG_0244

From Melbourne: This Outdoor Pavilion Serves Better Coffee Than Your Outdoor Pavilion

“Inside MPavilion, Everyday Coffee–a progressive multi-roaster in Collingwood–has taken over one slim side of the space, serving delicious espresso and batch-brewed coffee, alongside sweets from their flagship on Johnston Street, with guest appearances from special suppliers like All Day DonutsBakewell and Co, and Cobb Lane Bakery.”

Addison & Steele in Perth

Addison Steele Perth-HMA_7820

From The Merits Of Modernity At Addison & Steele In Perth

“‘People are happy with what they’re used to,” explains owner Michael Munroe. “But in order to move forward we have to push people’s expectations and what they’re used to. It’s all about education.” Munroe and his team try to deliberately tailor their style of service to guide their customers through their coffee menu and the different styles of brewing. They want the theatre of coffee to be central to Addison and Steele’s ethos.”

Bunker in Brisbane


From Six Cafes To See In Brisbane

“The phrase ‘hole in the wall’ is used frequently for neat little cafes, but nowhere does it apply more accurately than that of Bunker in Milton. Built into what was once a World War II bunker, this café sources their house blend from Five Senses alongside an array of guest roasters for filter and singles.”

Sir Charles in Melbourne


From Sir Charles Charts A Food & Coffee Course in Fitzroy, Melbourne

“Way back in the 19th century, Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy boarded a boat from England headed for Australia to take up his assigned post as the tenth Governor of the colony of New South Wales. Word is that he was a spectacular peacekeeper, and had a hand in many positive developments during colonial times in Australia—consequently having the suburb of Fitzroy named in his honor. Sensibly, it’s only fitting that a cafe in his name, Sir Charles, has found a home in Fitzroy in Melbourne’s inner north.”

Filter in Melbourne

filter coffee melbourne-7106

From Filter, The Avant-Garde New Cafe From Melbourne’s Small Batch Roasting Co.

“This is a cafe of dualities. Sparse, smart interior design (by Design Office) is juxtaposed with communal seating and open dialogue between guests and staff. Icily stylish logos and wall-mounted menus (by The Hungry Workshop) tell just part of the much larger story of Small Batch, whose sourcing and importing practices embody a direct trade ethos without explicitly saying as much. Above all, Filter speaks to a wider sense of progression in the Melbourne coffee scene.”

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