Kickstarter: This New In-Flight Latte Holder Has F...

Kickstarter: This New In-Flight Latte Holder Has Frequent Flyers Buzzing!

Business woman sitting in airport lounge, using mobile phone, smiling

Pretend you’ve passed the security checkpoints at your local airport. You find the nearest in-terminal coffee shop to refuel, but when you board your flight with a skinny latte, that airline tray-table must stay up during taxi and take-off. Your hands are now full. How are you supposed to catch up on SkyMall?

Some geniuses figured out a handy device (that belongs in the first few pages of SkyMall, frankly) and we think it’s going to get a lot of frequent flyers buzzing. It is on Kickstarter, of course. 

Check this out:


Bam. In-flight cup holder. Kickstart it!


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