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If latte art is art (which it is), then it stands to reason that the the milk pitcher is like the barista’s paintbrush, and their canvas the orange-tan crema of a freshly pulled shot of espresso. Like most artists, baristas need different tools for different jobs. A painter isn’t going to use the same brush for every painting after all. Neither too would a barista; different latte art designs can be better achieved using pitchers with a variety of spout widths and flow rates. That’s why Kruve came up with the all-new Create, a milk steaming pitcher with three unique spout designs to give more control and variety in latte art creation, and it’s live on Kickstarter now.

The Toronto-based Kruve has spent nearly a decade making coffee accessories meant to improve the brewing and drinking experience for cafes and home users alike. Their first product, the Sifter, was a Sprudgie Award winner for Best New Product back in 2017. Since then they’ve gone on to make a coffee particle size ruler as well as glassware designed to amplify or soften certain flavor notes in a particular coffee.

And with the Create, Kruve continues to offer tools for those looking to get the absolute most out of their coffeemaking experience. There are a lot of thoughtful touches in the brand’s new milk pitcher. Per the Kickstarter, the handle-less design of the Create allows for greater control while pouring, with the silicon sleeve providing grip and heat protection. And the pitcher’s rounded bottom makes for easier steaming and folding of the milk. Volume markings are etched on the inside of each of the Create’s walls for “precision dosing” and less milk waste.

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The largest update to the tradition pitcher shape, though, comes via the three different spouts around the triangular-shaped lip, designed with different drinks and pours in mind. The classic 12mm spout is meant to be an all-rounder, with a medium flow rate and “general purpose tip for pouring the structure of a design” for shapes like rosettas and stacked hearts. The 20mm wide spout has a faster flow rate and produces “thick gentle flowing lines” for patterns like hearts and tulips. It works best for larger drink sizes with bigger surface areas. And there’s the narrow 4mm spout. The “fine tip pen” of the three, the narrow spout has a slower flow rate and is made for high-contrast pour lines—“swans, chameleons, etc.”—and is meant for smaller drink formats.

And thanks to the three-in-one design, per the Kickstarter, baristas will be able to effortlessly change spouts mid-pour, allowing for new levels of creativity.

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With just over three weeks left in the campaign, the Kruve Create Kickstarter has earned nearly $100,000, well past its $7,400 goal, but there are still good deals to be had for would-be backers. Kruve is offering 25% off the Create pitcher for Kickstarter backers, bringing the price from $70 down to $52.50. They are also offering similar deals on the campaign for their porcelain Imagine and Cascade cups for lattes and espresso, respectively. Rewards are scheduled to begin shipping in August of this year.

For more information or to get your hands on a discounted pitcher of your own, visit Kruve’s Create Kickstarter page.

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