What’s old is neo again. The Matrix, a blockbuster trilogy by the Wachowskis that wowed moviegoers with then-unseen special effects (and not-so-subtle religious undertones), is back with a fourth installment. Titled The Matrix: Resurrections, the first official trailer is being released today that will hopefully provide some glimmer of information about the plot that was seemingly already resolved.

But that hasn’t stopped folks from trying to find out as much about the new film as possible, scouring the internet for any clues as to what is in store. And there has been no greater titillator than WhatIsTheMatrix.com, the franchise’s official website that sat dormant for the past few years before offering up a bevy of teaser still images of the new film. One image in particular has piqued our interest, that of Neo walking down an empty, wet blue-green version of a Blade Runner street toward a cafe called Simulatte, and we have questions.

First, in what “world” does Simulatte exist? According to one Redditor, in our world, the one outside the movies, it is actually a Joe & The Juice in San Francisco. But within the realm of the films, is it in the simulated matrix world Neo—played by ultimate nice guy Keanu Reeves—became aware of and ultimately escaped in the first film? Seems a little on the nose, no? Like, are the machines just gonna flaunt that it’s all a façade to the unwitting cafe patrons? And if it’s in the real world, the one outside the matrix that appears to have been all but destroyed in the third film, who’s going to name their coffee shop to be a glib reminder of what could only be the most horrific time in human history?

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I’d also like to know what role Simulatte will play in the film. Is it where Reeves’s Neo will meet up with Carrie-Ann Moss reprising her role as Trinity—and notably NOT Lawrence Fishburn, who won’t be in the film, though many believe handsomest man in the world Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will be playing some sort of young Morpheus—to discuss how to take down new machines? And do those machines they are trying to destroy include espresso machines? Are semi-automatics on the chopping block with full autos? What about lever machines?

Most importantly, is a simulatte a drink, like a sig bev perhaps, and what is in it? My guess is it’s like cold brew concentrate and oat milk served over ice or something. Or maybe there’s some sort of tapioca ooze component.

These questions and more will presumably be answered when we all get blue pilled (or red pilled, whichever one is the good one, not the QAnon one, unless they are the same, then who can say) by the first trailer for The Matrix: Resurrections coming out today. Hopefully there’s a scene where Neo and Trinity and young Morpheus are all drinking coffee at Simulatte while Mr. Smith is some broken grouphead on the espresso machine.

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