Spotted today via Espresso Parts customer service rep Michael “Panda” Fernandez’s indispensable Facebook feed, this thought-provoking read from the Extractions & Distractions tumblr. Titled “The Unimportance of Brew Methods”, it’s the best 6 paragraphs on specialty coffee we’ve read all week. Have a gander:

Brew methods are just different ways of extracting coffee. If technique is adjusted, you can get basically the same type of extraction from most pour-over devices. So, why not use one brew method and several different techniques? Is it a lack of understanding extraction basics or what’s happening in the brew itself? …You wouldn’t walk into a coffeebar and ask for a La Marzocco shot or a Slayer shot. Oddly enough we have no problem asking for a Chemex even if we’re unsure of that particular barista’s technique.

My suggestion: find a place that brews good coffee and TRUST THEM. Also, if you’re a barista, I highly recommend mastering a brewing device. Dive into it. Push it to its limits.

Read the whole thing here via Extractions & Distractions on Tumblr, and feel free to sound off in the comments section below!