In March of 2023, Weber Workshops is releasing its second iteration of the Spring Clean™. In 2020 Weber Workshops released the Spring Clean™, which featured a patented and revolutionary mechanism for effectively back-flushing to clean an espresso machine group head. The updated Spring Clean™ maintains that mechanism, but encases it in a shockproof and food-safe clear plastic that puts the cleaning show in the spotlight.

The Spring Clean is a spring-loaded piston container that attaches to a 58mm machine group head in the same way as a portafilter. When the shot is activated, the water from the group head slowly fills up 200mL of hot water, either with or without detergent, and then backflushes that entire volume through the dispersion screen and pipes leading to the 3-way solenoid, eventually back to the drip tray. Compared to the standard 10~15mL per flush with a standard blind portafilter, 200mL is a maelstrom of cleansing power by comparison. This means 1 cycle with detergent and 1 cycle without cleans as much as 20 or more cycles with a standard blind portafilter, saving barista time, saving wear on the machine, and in the end saving on repair costs (the 3-way solenoid is typically the first part to require maintenance, often costing upwards of $500 on a commercial machine).

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The clear-bodied construction has massive benefit in that the barista can now directly see the level of cleanliness of brew water while cleaning. Watch the detergent dissolve, see it disappear back through the system, and repeat until all water runs crystal clear in and out. The ease of use and visualization means that quick cleans are also do-able between shots for a quick freshen-up of the plumbing. This can help prevent flavor cross-talk more effectively than a purge as it also cleanses the return line (which is always in contact with the brew line).

In the center of the piston gasket is a safety valve. This prevents any high pressure build-up in the system, which if unchecked could weaken the retaining tabs in the long run.

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As the double-spring compresses down and the piston fills with water, at the bottom of the stroke there is a release-valve for the water where it will overflow into the drip tray until the shot is stopped and the cleaning stroke activated.

Douglas Weber, the Founder and CEO of Weber Workshops, mentioned that: “A clean shot of espresso is only as clean as the machine it was brewed on. A massive negative contributor to the quality of coffee in cafes and homes is group head cleanliness. The concept of backflushing to clean is ridiculous as it uses only line pressure and a tiny volume of water, but it has become the norm and overlooked for decades. With the latest Spring Clean, we have finally made it more affordable for the greater community, and more transparent to the user both in how it works and how effective it is cleaning the machine.”

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This product was designed to save time and energy for the barista while providing a better clean to the espresso machine. By making machine maintenance easier and more gratifying, this in turn both improves the quality of the coffee and reduces necessary repairs. This will increase the longevity of the machine, prevent expensive maintenance costs in the long run, and allow quick flushes between coffee varietals to eliminate cross-talk in flavors.

Product details

• Price: $95
• Size: 70mm diameter x 120mm height
• Weight: 120g
• Compatibility: Fits all standard 58mm machines with a 2-tab lock-in group
head (LaMarzocco, Slayer, Kees VanDer Westen, Rocket, Lelit, Decent, Flair,
All E61 group head machines, etc.)
• Availability: Available immediately for shipping worldwide.

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About Weber Workshops

Weber Workshops was founded in 2014 by Douglas Weber, an Apple Product Design veteran with a deep passion for design, coffee and kitchenware. Dedicated to breaking the cycle of wasteful consumption, the company creates heirloom-quality instruments by rethinking and reimagining the products used in specialty coffee preparation. In 2021 it won “Product of the Year” with the KEY Grinder at SCAA New Orleans, and in 2022 it won several product awards with the Unifilter™.

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