This here Irish Aeropress Championship video was sent our way by Lorcan Fagan, organizer of the 2013 IAC (@IrishAeropress). In it, you’ll find undeniable proof that Colin Harmon is not, in fact, the only barista in Ireland; there appears to be a thriving, fun-loving scene afoot there, if this event hosted by Roasted Brown is any indication. Look at all the Marco gear! Don’t you just love this soundtrack? There are a lot of attractive people in the Irish coffee scene and they all appear to be having a nice time.

Your 2013 IAC winner Mark Ashbridge will be competing this Friday, May 24th at the 2013 World Aeropress Championship in Melbourne, hosted by 5 Senses and the Australian Barista Academy. Your Sprudge Editors will be on hand to DJ, MC, and perhaps do donuts in the parking lot in truly awful American fashion if the party gets wild enough. Which it might, actually, because this is shaping up to be one of The Biggest Parties of the 2013 WBC week in Melbourne.

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We’ve got the tunes and the talk covered (alongside fellow MC’s Ben Kaminsky and Tim Varney), and the folks behind WAC will be going all out in terms of food (HUXTABURGER!), ping pong, ample drink and a gorgeous space. You just get there and make with the wiggling.

The 2013 World Aeropress Championship happens Friday, May 24th at Five Senses / Australian Barista Academy skunkworks at 300 Rosslyn Street, West Melbourne. Ping pong battle for cash begins at 6pm. Aeropress madness is induced at 7pm. Who knows where we’ll all be by 10p, but we’ll have crowned a new World Aeropress Champion in the meantime. Be there.


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