Wall Street Journal Endorses The Single Cup Pod Ma...

Wall Street Journal Endorses The Single Cup Pod Machines

Sign of end times? An unstoppable force? The future of coffee?

Call it what you will, but whatever it is, it’s happening – and happening at an alarming rate. Single cup machines are huge. The Wall Street Journal today offered up a real doozy of a piece on the wonders of the new pod machines, with a full page spread in the “Personal Journal” section:

Some purists may turn up their noses, but fans of single-cup makers like how the machines offer the pleasure of that first fragrant cup every time. Brew strength, flavor and even temperature can be adjusted on some models to match drinkers’ whims.

Click to enlarge. (Wall Street Journal)

Expensive pods and powdered milk are beating out every other form of coffee brewing in the name of convenience. It’s a world where Marie Callendar’s Comfort Bakes and Campbell’s Go Soups are the future of what we put in our snack holes.

One commenter isn’t convinced, “They’ll have to pry my technivorm moccamaster from my cold, dead hands before I’ll do the single pod thing. Like a french press, there’s beauty in simplicity. One job: heat water to 207F quickly. Beans plus a burr grinder = bliss.”

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  1. KJ

    21 November

    I think the pods are a fad.

    These machines are popping up oddly enough in dental office waiting rooms (I guess it pairs well with teeth whitening services) and regular offices, and they’re just… vile. To me. Yes, I’ve tried several kinds with actual anticipation, just in case.

    I live in Folger’s Central, so while this is a good introduction to somewhat better coffee, as long as it’s offered *free* it’s seen as a good equivalent to the dollar endless cup of crap that people are used to. Otherwise, I’d love to turn people on to single cup *pourover brewing at home* for a better experience with better coffee and far less waste and expense than pod after pod after pod being bought at WalMart and chucked into the garbage can.

    Clever FTW. Can’t get much simpler than that at home.

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