The year was 1986. Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” was tearing up the pop charts, next to “Rock Me Amadeus” and the immortal, unflinching synth grandeur of “West End Girls”. The Soviet Union (still a Union of Soviets) launched the Mir space station. The New York Mets won the World Series, defeating the Boston Red Sox in 7 games, a championship that will be forever remembered for Bill Buckner’s infamous error in Game 6. Mike Tyson absolutely wailed on Trevor Berbick to win his first heavyweight boxing title, Ronald Reagan intentionally forgot his involvement in the the Iran-Contra affair, and a massive earthquake struck El Salvador, killing more than 1,500 people. Robert Pattinson and Lindsay Lohan were born, and Cary Grant died. Both of your editors will still in diapers, pooping themselves indiscriminately, while many more of our site’s daily readers were not yet born.

It was in this milieu that Dawn Loraas started a small espresso supply company in Seattle, calling it “Visions Espresso”. They serviced machines, they sold products, and they helped make Seattle a nexus-lexus for the explosion of coffee culture in North America. It’s something they continue to do today, 25 years later, out of a gorgeous 9000 square foot space in South Seattle, full-to-bursting with gear and toys and one heck of an impressive espresso lab. In the specialty coffee geologic time scale, Visions Espresso have been getting it done and doing it well since the dawn of time. is proudly sponsored by Visions Espresso, and we’re pleased as champagne punch to invite you all to their 25th Anniversary Soiree, which happens tomorrow, Saturday the 19th, at the Visions Espresso space at 2737 1st Avenue South, in Seattle, WA. From 12-4pm there will be brunch, a champagne toast, door prizes, and best of all, 25% off Visions’ custom line of cups, tamps, cleaning products and other assorted ephemera.

If you’re in Seattle, or even nearby, head down to Visions on the 19th and wish them well on their Silver Anniversary. Few things last 25 years, and it’s special when they do. Share the moment with Visions, have a snack, and sip some champagne.

President Reagan shakes the hand of Visions President Dawn Loraas, 1986.

From to everyone at Visions, and especially Dawn, we wish you a heartfelt and amazed congratulations.