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Did you have an overarching theme for your presentation?

“Reducing C02 output and wastewater pollution by teaching farmers how to properly develop natural and honey processed coffees in addition to washed coffees thus promoting an environmentally sustainable coffee industry.”

Did you name your signature drink? Can you give us the recipe?

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“No name…”

* 70 grams Los Lajones Cascara/orange pith infusion. 10 minutes total infusion time.
* 6 shots Los Lajones totaling 126 grams
* 4 cara cara orange slices totaling 72 grams
* Put it all in a NO2 canister and charge with NO2 for 30 seconds, vent out NO2, and strain
* Flame cara cara peel over the top for aroma, portion, and serve.

What coffees did you use for your competition?

Los Lajones by Graciano Cruz, from Boquete, Panama 2,100 meters above sea level. Nautrally processed Geisha varietal. It’s better than whatever you’re drinking right now.”

You’re a competitor with lots of competition history. Lay it all out for us.

“I like to take seasons off to keep it fresh. Started in ’06 as a loner with no support and no skill; mediocre at regionals, bombed nationals at Charlotte and pretty much no one was nice to me. Since then: three time USBC finalist (’08, ’10, ’12) three time Regional finalist (’07, ’08, ’10,) one time regional champ (’08). Took off ’09 and ’11 just for kicks and didn’t do regionals this year…just USBC.”

Share with us a favorite moment at USBC 2012 – doesn’t have to be competition based, but certainly can be. What stands out in your memory?

“Pushing around the block on Teezy’s skateboard Sunday night. My first time on a skateboard since I snapped my
achilles last year. The world was pretty much perfect right then.”

What do you do to get pumped before competition?

“Watch Marshawn Lynch’s 67 yard touchdown run against the Saints with epic commentary.” (NSFW or New Orleans Saints fans)

Shout-outs? Special thanks?

“Special thanks to Graciano Cruz for flying me this amazing coffee just one month off harvest. My dad for making my place settings and Kevin Tudball for realizing the art concept for the place settings. Amy Billings for sewing my tablecloth and napkins. C Barr and Ryan O’Dezzy for supporting me. Truby for inspiration. My wife for not killing me. Mike Eyre for crunching numbers and Purvis Nation for crunching the competition. Also the crew at Barista on Alberta for providing the best home away from home any coffee shop could hope to be!”

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