This is your complete field for the 2013 US Brewers Cup competition at SCAA Boston. There are 36 competitors total, including all 6 of the regional Brewers Cup winners (designated in brackets below). During Round One, all 36 competitors will compete using a compulsory, or “mystery” coffee. They’ll be allowed to use their own favorite coffees should they advance to Finals.

By request of the SCAA, this schedule does not depict the compulsory round in its correct sequential order. This is because blind judging is an important part of how the Brewers Cup event is evaluated in Round One. Brewers Cup competitors, please refer to your own schedules for correct times and competition orders. Finals will be held on Saturday, April 13th from noon to 3pm, streaming live on Live Stream.

All coverage from USBC Boston made possible by Nuova Simonelli and Counter Culture Coffee.

Thursday, April 11th

Josip Drazenovich, Dallis Bros. Coffee, NYC- @jdrazenovich @DallisCoffee

Cole McBride, Visions Espresso Service, Seattle – @colecoffee @visionsespresso

Dut Goodman, Safehouse Coffee & Tea, Griffin, Georgia – @dutgoodman @safehousebev

Andy Kwon, Elabrew, Los Angeles – @cup3d @elabrew

Christos Andrews, Tougo Coffee Co., Seattle – @christosandrews @tougocoffee

Winston Harrison, Crema, Nashville – @cremacrema

Tommy Kim, Cafe Dulce, Los Angeles – @cafedulceLA

Dean Kallivrousis, Parisi Coffee, Kansas City – @parisicoffee

Michael Cannon, Velton’s Coffee, Seattle – @superhariobros @visionsespresso

Trevor Gruehn, Kickapoo Coffee, Viroqua, Wisconsin – @ThugLife4000  @KickapooCoffee

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Phillip Ma, Ma’velous, San Francisco – @mavelousSF

Erin McCarthy, Counter Culture Coffee, NYC – @ErinMcCarthy88 @Counter_Culture

Zach Neuman, Cafe Helios, Raleigh, North Carolina – @zoneuman @cafehelios

Robert Reagan, Palace Coffee, Canyon, Texas – @palacecoffee

Andrew Tucker-MacLeod, Batdorf & Bronson, Olympia, Washington – @humandroid @batdorfcoffee

Amanda Whitt, Everyman Espresso, New York – @imakeyoucoffee @evermanNY

Sean Stewart, Crema, Nashville – @cremacrema

Jared Gum, Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, Olympia, Washington – @jaredgum @olympiacoffee


Friday, April 12

[SC Brewers Cup Champ] Jonathan Aldrich, Houndstooth Coffee, Dallas – @bigaldi @houndstoothDTX

Todd Goldsworthy, Klatch Coffee, Orange County, California – @BrewMaster800AD @klatchroasting

Dustin Demers, Stanza Coffee, San Francisco – @Dustin_DeMers @stanzacoffee

Michael Greene, Lemonjello’s Coffee, Holland, Michigan – @heymiiiike @lemonjellos

[SE Brewers Cup Champ] Jonathan Bonchak, Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, NC – @jonathanbonchak @counter_culture

Robbie Krask, Wormhole Coffee, Chicago – @r0_obbie @wormholecoffee

Andrea Costa, Equal Exchange, Boston -@EqExintheCup

[NC Brewers Cup Champ] Jon Ferguson, Dogwood Coffee Co., Minneapolis – @joneferguson @dogwoodcoffee

Judith Mandel, Peregrine Espresso, Washington, D.C. – @jmandeldc @peregrineDC

Jonathan Colon, HalfWit Coffee Roasters, Chicago – @setyoursnares @wormholecoffee.

[NE Brewers Cup Champ] Jordan Barber, Intelligentsia, New York – @barber_jordan @intelligentsia

Ryan Hall, Panther Coffee, Miami – @panthercoffee

[SW Brewers Cup Champ] Charles Babinski, G&B, Los Angeles – @charlesbabinski @gandbcoffee

David Yake, Tony’s Coffee, Bellingham, Washington – @tonyscoffees

Joshua Bonner, Stanza Coffee, San Francisco – @joshuadbonner @stanzacoffee

Sam Schroeder, Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, Olympia, Washington – @s_schro @olympiacoffee

[NW Brewers Cup Champ] Brandon Paul Weaver, Slate Coffee Roasters, Seattle – @coffeeandbookz @slatecoffee

Alexandra LittleJohn, Verve Coffee Roasters, Los Angeles – @ravenspeaking @vervecoffee


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