Let’s Talk Pergamino: While in Medellin, Colombia earlier this month for the Let’s Talk Coffee conference, your Sprudge editors had the pleasure of visiting an impressive new café called Pergamino, located in the trendy El Poblado district. Owned by coffee exporter, roaster, and barista Pedro Echaverria, the shop has a charming, modern aesthetic and serves Chemex, Japanese style iced coffee, and espresso off of a La Marzocco Strada MP. Many of the featured coffees come from the farm of Echaverria’s father, who just happens to be a coffee producer. We highly recommend a visit to Pergamino if you ever get a chance.

Let’s Talk Even More Let’s Talk Coffee Recaps: As a part of the LTC conference earlier this month, we attended a Robusta workshop led by Dr. Sunalini Menon of Coffeelab, Ltd. from Bangalore, India. Dr. Menon introduced us to the concept of fine robusta, and a cupping of several robustas followed. Our assessment: Most were not-so-tasty, but one — a high-elevation natural-processed Tanzanian — was surprisingly pleasant to drink. More than anything, though, it was a fantastic and unique experience.

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Seattle Coffee On The History Channel: The History Channel’s web series, Food Tech: Side Orders, have posted an arguably cute but definitely outdated video about Seattle coffee. Watch for a younger, mustachioed version of Sprudge.com co-founder Zachary Carlsen at 2:17.

Coava Coffee Roasters On Tresplace: Coava Coffee Roasters was featured by TresPlace, a new Portland-based blog who are “discouraged by the content available” from all other worldly outlets for coffee writing. It sounds like their Applied Digital Storyweaving undergrad degrees from UC-Boulder (with minors in Holistic Start-Up Noosphere Strategies) hath prepared them well, at least for their outside hiring decisions. While much of the copy on the website itself is unreadable, the video they farmed out is pretty, and worth a watch.

Another Portland Microroaster: Our very own Portland, Oregon has another addition to its already rather saturated list of coffee roasters, and we were overjoyed to land noted author and journalist Hanna Neuschwander for her exclusive take on the topic. Launched by a fellow named Marty Lopes last week, Rosaline Coffee is a new boutique roasting company operating out of Portland’s inner SE. Using a brand new 1.5 kilo Proaster, Lopes roasts coffees in what he calls the “Northwest juice-balanced” style. His coffees can be found at Barista, where he’s previously spent time as a coffee buyer. Follow Mr. Lopes on Twitter for updates!

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