rags‘Twas The Shift Before Christmas
And all through the café
No dish in the bus tub
Not even a tray!

The milk rags were hung in the hamper with care,
In hopes that the health inspector would soon not be there.
The bagels were nestled all snug in their case,
With visions of cream cheese schmeared on their face

While Becky made mochas and Jared pumped steam
I snuck to the back for a rip of whipped cream
When there in my walk-in, so cold you could shudder
A jolly old elf named St. Nick I discovered!

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santa-sprudgeOl’ Nick was so cheerful, sweet as demerara,
His nose was a bright and as red as cascara!
He wore a cap’d stocking and sported a tattoo
That said “Temp 200 is Perfect For Batch Brew”

I couldn’t believe it! St. Nick in my shop!
But what happened next made my happy jaw drop

He said with a chuckle from his head to his toes
“Tomorrow is Christmas! This shop should be closed!
I’m dialing your owner, the phone’s ringing thrice
I’m going to tell them who’s naughty or nice
Is often determined by how you treat staff”
He giggled aloud and then both of us laughed

And so with a twinkle the elf he did pay off
And gave this barista a much needed day-off
No Clopen! No Bus Tub! No Dial-In! No Decaf!
I’ll stay in pajamas and watch Celeb Rehab

reindeerA Christmas Eve miracle, bro that’s so sick
All from the hands of Jolly St. Nick

When once more in the walk-in a sleigh did appear
And so I made lattes for eight thirsty reindeer
Donder’s a grande, Blixen’s a tall
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all
(We’re trying to close early, thanks. I’m turning off the Wi-Fi.)

Said St. Nick with a grin as he flew out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all! You can party tonight!”


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