Tonx Coffee, the LA-based specialty coffee subscription juggernaut, has just announced a radical new program, just in time for your post-holidaze decluttering. Starting today, you can exchange  Starbucks® gift cards for dollar-for-dollar credit on a Tonx subscription. That’s right, you can take that card your dear old Great-Aunt Sally gave you because she heard you like the java, and apply it towards a shipment of some expertly sourced and roasted coffee that is guaranteed to blow whatever stale Blonde Roast nonsense you’d be getting from ol ‘Bucky’s right out of the water.

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According to Tonx, “over 4 billion dollars were put into Starbucks Cards this past year alone”, which is more “than the GDP of 136 countries”, and works out to 1 in 10 Americans receiving a Starbucks Card this holiday season. That’s a whole lot of coffee drinkers who have just been given an amazing invitation to easily try something new.

Tonx is the brainchild of industry veteran Tony “Tonx” Konecny, and the three year old subscription service has made a name for themselves as an accessible, low-hassle entry point to the world of specialty coffee, with their bi-monthly shipments, tastefully selected coffee, strong selection of brewing equipment, and easy to follow brewing guides.

When asked how the company came up with the idea of the gift card promotion, Tony tells us, “It was something that came up over beers.” Tony and his team are a fun bunch – over the Summer they captured the Breaking Bad zeitgeist on their website. “We always have a few hare-brained schemes in the pile,” Tony says.

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As for whether or not he thinks the promotion will be successful, Tony’s optimistic, “I hope so, we haven’t had much press yet. People on Twitter are talking about it, and I definitely know a lot of people with Starbucks gift cards.” When asked if he reached out to Starbucks, he plainly told us “no”.

Is this all just an elaborate scheme to fund Tony’s secret Starbucks muffin addiction? When asked, Tony laughed, and quipped, “Actually no, we want to corner the market on the KT Tunstall cds Starbucks sells at the counter. We think if we buy them all up we can drive up the cost.”

You can check it all out for yourself at Assuming you haven’t already spent your holiday loot on muffins and scones and cake pops.