Tim Wendelboe and Co. have published their annual year-end transparency report. One thing’s certain: 2011 was a challenging and expensive year for a lot of roasters around the world. For Tim Wendelboe, the 2011 strategy was to forgo expensive competition auctions and focus their efforts on direct sourcing from a few key countries. In doing so, TW found they were able to source fresher coffees and establish relationships with producers. From TW’s blog:

We believe this has given us better value for our money. The average price for our coffees F.O.B (Free on board) in 2010 was USD 5.06 per lb. In 2011 the average price we payed per lb was 5.45, ranging from USD 4 to USD 7.55.

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In 2012, TW is aiming to continue forging their 2011 relationships and discover new origins with their sister company Nordic Approach. Nordic Approach has recently published extensive information on farms from El Salvador and Ethiopia, complete with stunning photos.

Tim Wendelboe joins Counter Culture Coffee as one of the few high-profile specialty coffee companies who publicly disclose annual transparency reports. Take a look at the Wendelboe report here.


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