You know what makes the Great Lakes so great? It’s the people, honey. Folks out in that part of the country are like a bunch of big, talented, creative sacks of sugar. From across the region, whether they live in the narrow gritty canyons of Chicago or the wide-open rail yards of Ypsilanti, we just think they’re just tops.

A sizable gaggle of these fine folks are getting together in a big way this weekend in Detroit, Michigan for the 2013 Great Lakes Regional AeroPress Championship, hosted (appropriately enough) by the Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company. The rules follow the same format as the World AeroPress Championship, which means 8 minutes, 1 AeroPress, and three judges. Competitors will be judged primarily on “tastiness”, including clarity, deliciosity, and excellence in extraction. You can get a full breakdown of the rules right here.

Registration is still totally ongoing, and you can sign up via this hyperlink that we are typing right now. There are already 27 folks signed up and counting, from Wormhole Coffee’s Stevie Baka toย Sanford Clydus Bledsoe III of Ann Arbor’s The [Espresso] Bar, and all points between that can be mapped out via hand mitten. There’s a pretty awesome cadre of sponsors for this event, including Cafe Imports, Baratza, MadCap, Able Brewing, and many more (full list here).

All in all, it sounds like a nice coffee time. First place wins $500 and an 18k Gold Disk from Able Brewing, while 2nd place snags $100 cash and a Baratza Preciso grinder. Sweet!

Learn alllll about it via Great Lakes Regional Aeropress Championship online.

[Mitten image via, because of course.]