The list of the eco-friendly uses for spent coffee grounds continues to grow. We’ve reported previously on coffee grounds being used to make roads and bio-fuel, and now Vice is bringing to light another use: textiles. A Taiwanese company called Singtex makes fabrics out of used coffee, and they are being used by some pretty big name brands.

The coffee fabric is technically created under the brand S. Café, which is a subsidiary of Singtex made specifically for the creation of this sustainable textile. The process to create the fabric is fairly straightforward:

Polyester is manufactured with recycled PET bottles. Roasted coffee grounds are mixed in with the polyester to create coffee yarn. Coffee-laced yarn is used to make fabric. Fabric is used to make clothes.

The result is a fast drying, odor and UV-ray resistant fabric, one that is it ideal for waterproofing. And a handful of big name brands have taken notice. From outdoor brands like Fjällräven, Patagonia, and North Face to lifestyle and active wear companies like Oakley, New Balance, American Eagle, and even Victoria’s Secret, all have used S. Café’s coffee fabric in at least one of their lines.

Used coffee grounds are quickly becoming the superfood eco-friendly living essentials. From compost for growing food to energy to roads and now clothes, used coffee seems like it can do it all. My dream of living in a world made solely of coffee is coming true.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Vice