At the beginning of 2013, a Seattle blogger named Beautiful Existence challenged herself to live on nothing but Starbucks for one whole year. Everything she eats and drinks must come from Starbucks. While to some this might seem like a daunting task, to others, living off of Starbucks lemon pound cakes and Frappuccinos for a year sounds like a dream come true.


Is her task wacky? Yes. But we’re big fans of B.E.’s blog – if you’re going to sign up to do something wacky, you might as well own it, and Beautiful has most def owns her Starbucks experiment. Here are 8 things we love about Beautiful’s year of Starbucks:


8. It’s not all bacon cheese breakfast sandwiches. Starbucks has begun rolling out Evolution Fresh salads (like this brown rice number) that look absolutely fabulous.


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7. Beautiful decorates her cups.


6. Sometimes it *is* bacon cheese breakfast sandwiches – but at least they’re dressed up in a patriotic pastiche.


5. Beautiful celebrated Seattle Pride Weekend with Starbucks partners. Which is awesome.


4. Beautiful gets the “you’re a blogger devoted to our brand ala Starbucks Melody” treatment and gets invited to exclusive tastings at the HQ – like this one for the new La Boulange roll-out.


3. Due to the frequent (up to four times daily?) visits to Starbucks, she practically owns Four Square.


2. Sandwich package labels have started talking to her. She calls them her “Sandwich Fortunes”.


1. Her name is really Beautiful. And so is a little iced green tea with a splash of OJ.

No really, we aren’t making this up – go read Beautiful’s blog and see for yourself.

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