In part and parcel to his attending last weekend’s smashingly successful Coffee Bar SF / ScoutMob block party, co-founder Zachary Carlsen availed himself from the bounty of smoked, rubbed, and BBQ’d meats available at the block party’s rib cook-off spectacular. He snacked, he nibbled, and he took snapshots of each and every bone devoured.

Is this content coffee-related? No. Were the ribs super good? Yes, yes they were.

Rib Break: Cat Head’s BBQ

Richard and Pamela season their ribs with a bourbon spice rub. The ribs are paired with a Michigan style raw broccoli salad, perhaps the healthiest side at this BBQ throwdown.

I give this BBQ three little piggies!

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Rib Break: The Jetset Chef

Alex Marsh uses Sosa ketchup in his BBQ sauce – it’s got Sriracha, apricots, peaches, and strawberries. He calls it “California Comfort BBQ”. He serves it up with Boston baked beans with plenty of molasses and brown sugar.

I give this one two piggies and half an oink.


Rib Break: Gator’s Back Porch Catering

Brenda works alone at the Gator’s stand, scooping up heaping helpings of macaroni and cheese with ribs smoked with applewood. The mac and cheese has five different cheeses and that crunch? It’s Jalapeรฑo Cheetoes.

I give this one 5 big fat happy li’l piggies. Just like me!

Rib Break:ย Good Foods Catering

Larry and Dante cook up ribs with a bacon rub, a North Carlonia/Kansas City hybrid style and served them up with pork belly greens.

I’d give this one four and a half li’l piggies ’cause it was good! But it was a li’l too sweet for my tastes. So I’m just gonna give it four li’l piggies and we’ll call it good.

Thanks to all my new BBQ buddies! We’ll see you next time!


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