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14. Joseph Palozzi, Kobricks Coffee, Jersey City, NJ  @kobrickcoffee

11:20 kobrick’s coffee is a 90+ year old 4th generation coffee roaster in the NYC area – learn more!

11:22 mr. palozzi competes using a yemen sanani and ethiopia harrar – “back to the origins of coffee”…that harrar is naturally processed, grown at “1500 meters”


11:26 mr. palozzi’s sig drink is a riff on the traditional ethiopian coffee ceremony, but with an aeropress thrown into the mix, along with clarified butter, cinnamon, and cardamom


15. Daria Whalen, Pavement Coffeehouse, Boston, MA   @djawyea @pavementcoffee

11:40 “specialty coffee, is always changing…we’re walking the line to embracing tradition and welcoming changes”

11:43 conceit of @djawyea‘s routine – darker flavor profiles have fallen out of fashion, and that’s a shame, because they can taste great.

11:48 watching daria again a year later, there’s a lot more confidence and control in the way she competes today. big growth.


11:50 “black tea, citrus, red fruits…an herbaceous element. you’re going to be happy w/ this.” @djawyea on her @counter_culture Toscano Espresso

11:53 “quality can be found in any profile – it’s our job as professionals to raise the bar across the board.”


16. Amanda Wells, Toby’s Estate Coffee, Brooklyn, NY  @TobysBrooklyn

12:02 ms. wells competes using @tobysbrooklyn Colombia La Piramide – you can take this coffee home yourself by clicking here.

12:04 this is a really gorgeous stage setting – carefully chosen tiny glassware, very careful setting placements…and this is a pretty blissful routine to watch, all control and pace, breezy and polite

12:10 sig drink: huckleberries, honey, hibiscus, and sparkling water – “a sparkling tisane” – floated with Toby’s Colombia Piramide espresso


17. Josip Drazenovich, Dallis Bros. Coffee, New York, NY @jdrazenovich  @DallisCoffee

12:20 Mr. Drazenovich goes by “Joe” – and now you know. “tasting coffee is the single most exciting thing I get to do as a coffee professional.”

12:24  Mr. Drazenovich’s routine is focused on agronomy, botany, science, growth, plants… taking the judges to “the origin of flavor.” competes using Dallis Bros. La Esmeralda, located in Huila, Colombia.

12:30 tons of information in this dense, packed routine from @jdrazenovich – acids, soil qualities…capps with “apple pie notes”, butterscotch, apple butter


12:37 sig drink served in champagne coups – calls time at 15:09 – great run from @jdrazenovich of @DallisCoffee

12:37 know what’s great? when companies interview their competitors. read this chat with Joe on the Dallis Bros. website.


18. Evan Collier, Flat Black Coffee., Boston, MA @emcboston  @flatblackcoffee

12:47 mr. collier has 5 kids: titus, priscilla, julia, silas, and an 8 month old baby whose name escapes me…

12:48 mr. collier competes using a yemeni sanani – that’s 2 sanani’s today at #NERBC, after like maybe… 1 Yemeni coffee all season long? when we need to learn about coffee, we turn to @sweetmarias – your Yemeni questions, answered.

12:52 mr. collier’s sig drink includes muddled cherries and turbonado sugar – “family is a very important value to me personally”


19. Ezra Baker, Café Grumpy, Brooklyn, NY @cafegrumpy

1:13 Mr. Baker competes at #NERBC using NYC’s own @cafegrumpy Kenya Nyeri Gatomboya – learn more! Love it, own it, make it thine. — “passionfruit, red wine, dark chocolate finish”

1:20 gonna call this not just best music of #NERBC but the most careful, intelligent soundtrack we’ve heard all year. “this espresso is going shine bright, like a diamond” – as rhianna’s “diamonds” kicks in on the stereo


1:24 “that’s what coffee is about: playing with flavor” – @ifyouwannabump of @cafegrumpy calls time at 14:50


20. Craig Melillo, Ports Coffee and Tea, New York, NY @PortsNYC @craigmelillo

1:32 “my name is Craig, and my goal today is to have some fun. i want to make it feel like you’re in my house.”

1:33 he’s baking cookies live on stage. no, seriously, @craigmelillo is baking cookies live on stage at #NERBC. easy bake oven.


1:36 mr. melillo competes using @heartroasters Agua Blanca – learn more, hook it up yourself, man

1:40 . @craigmelillo competes using milk from Trickling Springs Creamery – “quite frankly, the best milk i’ve ever tasted” – #NERBC

1:42 “i think it’s about time for dessert!” – DING! – the easy bake chimes, and it’s cookie time with @craigmelillo

1:44 sig drink: separate glasses w/ cinnamon simple syrup & espresso, warm cookie & milk puree, & a “non-alcoholic cocktail”


21. Calen Robinette, Voltage Coffee & Art, Cambridge, MA @outboxpuppy @VoltageCoffee

2:00 mr. robinette is pulling a @TalyaStrader! three different coffees from three different roasters.

2:02 the first of @outboxpuppy‘s 3 coffees: @coavacoffee Costa Rica Girasoles. learn more you bunch of so and so’s.

2:06 the 2nd coffee employed by @outboxpuppy is @madcapcoffee‘s Colombia Didier Reinoso for his capps: LEARN MORE –“pink grapefruit citrus, flan-like mouthfeel”.

2:10 mr. robinette’s final coffee is a @barismo Ethiopian, no web info currently available. paired with blood orange infusion. pulls a @charlesbabinski – serves 2 sig drinks, 2 straight shots, asks judges to “share”


22. Brian Gelletly, Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, PA @bpgel @ultimocoffee

2:21 “espresso is a paradox between intensity and delicateness” – Brian Gelletly

2:24 mr. gelletly competes at #NERBC using @counter_culture Burundi Mpemba – check it out.

2:26 “since the cappuccino is only two components, they must be high quality ingredients that pair well together”


2:30 “floral, citrusy aromatics…orange brightness, & toasty date sweetness” – @bpgel and his Burundi Mpemba capps.

2:34 sig drink: fresh apple juice with navel orange zest, jasmine white tea “cold steeped”, sparkling water


2:36 mr. gelletly calls time at 15:12 – @bpgel “got a little juicy” on stage here at #NERBC


23. Jordan Barber, Intelligentsia Coffee, New York, NY @barber_jordan @Intelligentsia

2:53 “balance is a little bit tricky…it requires all the variables in a cup of coffee to be in line.”

2:55 Mr. Barber competes using @intelligentsia Agua Preta Brazil – learn more, sure why not?

2:58 “washed coffee = pour over, natural coffee = full immersion, pulp natural is a balance – like a clever dripper.”


3:02 “tootsie roll, black tea tannins, apricot, finishing with lemon curd” – @barber_jordan on @intelligentsia Brazil Agua Preta espresso – “short bread and caramel” in the capps.

3:07 sig drink: english breakfast tea, simple syrup, gelatin, ice cubes, meyer lemon zest, espresso

3:07 calls time at 15:06 – if there can be only one @intelligentsia competitor at #NERBC, they def chose a good one.

24. Ashley Rodriguez, Daily Press, Brooklyn, NY @ashcommonname @DailyPressBK

3:15 “the cappuccino is basically an adult s’more…by mastering the familiar we allow our customers to trust us.”

3:27 ms. rodriguez competes using @KittenCoffeeBK naturally processed Brazil

3:27 serves judges “lollypops” made w honey – “i want you to be able to stir or manipulate the drink as much as you want”