Like most coffee enthusiasts, you at one point (with high hopes and a pure heart) purchased your very own Hario TCA for home use. This likely happened in, say, 2006, when halogen bulbs were included in many coffee shop build-out budgets. Cut to the chase: it’s an involved home brewing method, well-served in a theatrical party situation. At best that siphon is more or less a bit of functional modern art hanging around your kitchen, used only on special occasions; at worst, it clatters around your cabinets, gathering dust. So why not repurpose the damn thing into something crafty and cute, like your very own terrarium? SprudgeLabs Bay Area Division reused one of our three Hario TCA siphons, improving its status from languish to grandeur.

Hario TCA-Terrarium

We repurposed the entire vacpot, utilizing Hario’s handy plastic stand for the top chamber. It sits on our windowsill, where it gets about an hour’s worth of sunlight each day.

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Bottom Chamber: Air Plants & Reindeer Moss

We used air plants for the bottom chamber, snuggled up with some lovely reindeer moss. Remember, those air plants aren’t big on soggy environments. The light and airy cushion of the reindeer moss is a perfect companion and everything fits in the small opening of the bulb.

Succulents In A TCA-2

For the top chamber, we put pebbles, potting soil and small succulents. We love it!

(All credit to the unsinkable Liz Clayton, who inspired us to get crafty after she snapped a photo of her own home siphon terrarium and shared it on Facebook. Thanks, Liz!)

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