The Stagg kettle is getting a pretty significant overhaul. Best known for its striking minimal design and counter-balanced handle, Stagg’s one drawback (if you can even call it that) was always that it wasn’t electrically powered but required stovetop heating. And in the modern coffee world–where on-demand, to-the-degree temperature accuracy is both highly sought after and readily available–the precision afforded by electric power almost feels like a necessity.

That all changes today as Fellow, the makers of the Stagg, have just joined the Fraternal Order of the Electric Gooseneck along with Bonavita and Brewista, and have gone live with a Kickstarter campaign to fund the all new Stagg EKG and EKG+. And they are stocked with some pretty serious features.


The kettle portions of the new models are aesthetically identical to that of their predecessor, and this simple elegance extends to the hyper-minimalist EKG charging bases. There are essentially only two features of the otherwise empty matte black charging base: a small circular LCD screen and a very sexy pop-out temperature dial that also works as an on/off switch. A third feature—the hold temperature switch—is hidden on the back.

For the Stagg EKG+, Fellow partnered with Acaia to create maximal techy coffee integration. Using Bluetooth, the EKG+ can be remotely turned on and have the temperature set and can tell the user the current water temperature when connected to the base). Like with all Acaia-powered devices, the EKG+ can keep track of all your brew recipes.

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But the coolest feature of the EKG+ is the potential for complete brewing integration. Using the BrewBar app (currently in public beta testing), the EKG+ can be connected with an Acaia scale and Baratza’s new Sette 270W grinder, allowing for every step of the brewing process to be recorded (and potentially shared) in one master recipe.

The Stagg EKG kettle retails for $150, but Kickstarter backers can nab a Super Early Bird price of only $99. The EKG+ will set you back $199, but Super Early Bird backers can save $60. Assuming Fellow’s campaign meets it $100,000 goal (which of course it will) the EKG and EKG+ are scheduled to ship out later this year in September and October, respectively.

For more information and a full list of features or just to gawk at all that design, check out Fellow’s Kickstarter campaign here.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

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