It’s the holiday season, and that means one thing: the acquisition of goods and services for the express purpose of gift giving. Luckily for you, it appears that these days, nearly every need can be satisfied simply by shopping with Sprudge, and yes—we’re proudly shipping worldwide. To get you started we’ve assembled this cheeky guide, featuring the best bits from the Sprudge Shop experience. Be sure to tag us upon receipt of the goods—we’ll be sharing Sprudge shop experiences across social media all season long.

And now, the goods!

Buy My Book

Buy my book! Buy my book! Yes, while you can buy New Rules of Coffee: A Modern Guide For Everyone from fine booksellers worldwide, by shopping with Sprudge you’ll receive a hand-autographed (never stamped) copy, direct from the brains that which birthed it. Across 160 full-color pages, and featuring eye-catching illustrations from comics artist Kelsey Wroten, we’re dishing to you on the rules, mores and peccadillos of coffee as we see it around the world, co-authored by Sprudge founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen. We pack each order by hand with plenty of surprises and we love to see folks reading this book around the world, so be sure to tag us and use the #newrulesofcoffee hash when your copy arrives. We will also note that this handsome gift book is precisely stocking stuffer sized, so…it makes a great gift, just saying.

Bumper Sticker Boogaloo 

Show you’re proud of the coffee professional in your life by picking up a couple of Proud Parent bumper stickers from Sprudge. Available in the following phrases:


Please note: these stickers are also applicable to any and all colloquial/social issues of the term “mom”, “dad” etc. You can be someone’s “coffee mom” without being their biological mother, and that is totally cool—indeed, we have made these stickers with exactly this scenario in mind.

Totes? Totes

We totes have totes and they’re totes adorbs. Pick up yours today, available in Linea Cat, Chemex Cat and Wine Bottle Monster designs. These are fancy cotton canvas tote bags, not that cheap non-woven polypropylene you sometimes see walking around. They’re big and sturdy enough to use as a daily tote, with eye-catching comic design that’s sure to draw curious questions. We think they’re an especially sharp bet as an accessory option for your next coffee or wine festival appearance.

Cat Shirts

Our most requested designs are back in time for the holidays! We’ve restocked a series of these classic works by designer Thomas Putman, each one featuring a real-life Sprudge cat. They include…

The Chemex Cat

Look at li’l Chemex Cat there! He thinks he’s people! Brewing up a nice Chemex for himself. We ought to call you Dr. Peter Schlumpaw!

The Cupping Cats

Grab your lucky cat spoon, the cupping table starts over there! These puddies are detecting notes of cute, with a pronounced coating meowthfeel reminiscent of delicate tuna paté. But what will Oyster score?

The Stamping Cats

A staff favorite, these stamping kitties are finishing up a long day working at the cat cafe. There’s just this last task to complete, and then they can clock off on their tiny cat-sized punch cards, collect the day’s kitty in tips, and blow it all at the milk bar down the street.

The Linea Cat

Our most beloved cat tee. Just look at this big sweet Keekee! She’s found a warm snuggly spot to sprawl out, and it just happens to be atop a working La Marzocco Linea espresso machine. If only my life were as easy as a cat’s.

The Aeropress Cat

Engh! Engh! Keep on pushin’, kitty, and you’ll plunge your way to a delicious cup. The Aeropress Cat shirt is a favorite of the Adler family, and we just know you’ll love having one of your own.


Why stop with our book? You can also pick up tasteful reading material of a different sort from the Sprudge Shop, including our Year One Wine Zine published by our sibling site, Sprudge Wine, as well as Birds of Unusual Vitality, Sprudge staff writer Eileen Kenny’s interview compilation published by Sprudge in 2014.

Metal Coffee Shirts

[chugging metal riff plays] Check out these metal shirts. They’re brutal. Available in select sizes until they sell out (the world is a sell out). Designed by fucking Sabin, man. His work rules. Check out the double bass pedal work in this song, man! a-thump-a-whump-a-thump-a-whump-a-thump-a-whump-a-thump-a

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