No one knows exactly why the “holiday blend” is a staple in coffee culture, but each year it returns, and is most welcome. Here at Sprudge we’ve been collecting our very favorite holiday coffee blends each season since 2013—the very work of creating this article for you is its own form of seasonal nostalgia and warm feeelings in the Sprudge offices. This year’s collection is bursting at the seams with whimsical flavor descriptions, delicious coffees from around the world, and the careful blending work of master coffee roasters at the very top of their crafts. Let’s dive in shall we—one bag for yourself to drink, another two to gift, and you should be all set for the holidays.

Amavida Coffee “Holiday Blend”

Celebrate the 2021 holiday season with Amavida Coffee’s “Holiday Blend”, made absolutely ideal for gifting thanks to a limited edition gift box. A blend of coffees from Honduras and Ethiopia, this coffee is approachable and cozy, with notes of baked fruit, jam, and brown sugar. Please note that the SKU for this particular product is ELF-002 (emphasis on the elf).

Blue Bottle Coffee “Winter Blend”

The folks at San Francisco-based roaster-retailer Blue Bottle Coffee things keep nice and non-denominational each year with their simply named Winter Blend, a two-bean assortment of Ethiopian and Guatemalan coffees. But the Blue Bottle mug runneth over from there with holiday shopping options, from a special edition mug to an experimental gift set or even your very own personal Oji dripper, just what little Farnsworth asked for this gift-giving season. Order Blue Bottle Coffee — “Winter Blend” here.

Dogwood Coffee — “Snow Emergency”

One coffee, two ways, one delicious blend: a washed and a natural Suke Quto coffee from Ethiopia can be found in this year’s edition of Snow Emergency from Minneapolis roaster Dogwood Coffee. “Pairs well with Ski Masks, Choppers and Ice Scrapers” lol. Dogwood is also home to a broad selection of merch, including snazzy camp cups and cozy bear sweaters. Order Dogwood Coffee — “Snow Emergency” here. 

Equator Coffees — “Holiday Blend”

It’s hard not to love the brigther side of holiday flavors, that zippy, zingy thing that happens when milk chocolate meets candied citrus and clove. This blend from Equator Coffees is the winner of an annual in-house friendly competition amongst Equator’s team of roasters, and comes courtesy of roaster Alex Spishakoff. It’s a melange of El Salvador Los Pirineos Bourbon, Ethiopia Halo Hartume, and Guatemala CODECH. Read much more about this blend here.

Go Get Em Tiger “Humbuggle”

Humbuggle! The team at LA’s Go Get Em Tiger have a dreamy holiday offering this year, drawing up coffees from Kenya and Colombia. I appreciate that GGET’s website has a prescribed field of uses of Humbuggle, including “after a teriffic feast” and “in a winter morning haze”, having been both of these places myself.

Joe Coffee “Rockefeller”

An annual favorite here at Sprudge HQ, Joe Coffee’s Rockefeller release is perfect for whatever holiday you might be celebrating this year, but truly idea for Hanukkah—it’s a festival of lights in a cup. This year enjoy a Red Catuai from Fincas Mierisch in Nicaragua, and know that a portion of each purchase supports Go Fund Bean. Order Joe Coffee “Rockefeller” here.

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Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters “Special Holiday Bundle”

Intelligentsia has a lovely seasonal holiday release—the Celebration Blend—but they also offer an opportunity to go big in the form of the Holiday Special Selection Bundle. This set of coffees is special indeed: Ethiopia Gesha Village and Bolivia Finca Takesi Gesha. Order Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters “Special Holiday Bundle” here.

Olympia Coffee “Holiday Blend”

Olympia Coffee Roasters may win this year’s coveted holiday flavor descriptor award, to wit: “Flavors of candied citrus and the aroma of fresh-cut Christmas trees.” That sounds like exactly what I want to be drinking right now. The coffee itself is a well-considered Ethiopia Yirg x Guatemala El Templo collab. Order Olympia Coffee “Holiday Blend” here.

Partners Coffee “Miracle On North 6th Street”

NYC’s own Partners Coffee are here with a very New York take on a holiday blend, the “Miracle on North 6th Street” — it’s just a few subway stops from 34th Street, after all. Enjoy a blend of coffees from Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Honduras. Order Partners Coffee “Miracle On North 6th Street” here.

PERC Coffee “Holiday Blend”

Perc Coffee’s Holiday Blend makes a few things clear: this coffee’s origin is “the heart”, and it tastes like “fruitcake and snuggies”. On the cover of the bag is a smiling cartoon Narwhal. Someone you know doesn’t just want this coffee for the holidays, they need this coffee for the holidays, and it is your responsibility to give it to them. Order PERC Coffee “Holiday Blend” here.

Pilot Coffee Roasters “Holiday Seasonal Blend”

Toronto’s Pilot Coffee Roasters are here with a lovely holiday blend—“extremely versatile and soul-warming”—featuring coffees Costa Rica, Guatemala and Colombia. A portion of every purchase helps support the The Red Door Family Shelter. Order Pilot Coffee Roasters “Holiday Seasonal Blend” here.

Onyx Coffee Lab “Framily”

Now in its fifth year, Onyx’s annual Framily release is a “holiday coffee that embodies of the joy of spending time with friends and family.” This year that means an organic washed Ethiopia Hambela coffee, a coffee that drinks great solo but would also not be amiss with a bit of milk and sugar. Perfect for the whole fram. Order Onyx Coffee lab’s “Framily” here.

ReAnimator Coffee Roasters “Holiday Blend”

Always home to some of the coolest art in the coffee scene, this year’s Holiday Blend features a design by Cat Park, and features coffees from Central America and Africa. Perfect for the art and design fan on your holiday shopping list. Order ReAnimator Coffee Roasters “Holiday Blend” here.

Detour Coffee Roaster “Holiday Blend”

This coffee boasts “the sophistication and complexity of a Kevin McAllister booby trap”, which, bravo to whomever wrote that for the Detour website. The classic Ethiopia + Kenya paradigm is amplified with high quality offerings from Yirgacheffe and Kirinyaga. Order Detour Coffee Roaster “Holiday Blend” here.

Victrola “Holiday Blend”

We love when roasters use the holiday blend concept as a canvas for original art, and Vicrola’s bag in 2021 is nothing short of stunning. This blend builds on the work of Luis Alberto Balladarez in Nicaragua, paired with coffees from a cooperative in Uganda and the Burundian chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. An impressive outing from Victrola. Order Victrola “Holiday Blend” here.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters “Evergreen”

Two really beautiful coffees go into this year’s holiday offering from Stumptown: Ethiopia Nano Challa and Guatemala Bella Vista. The latter is produced by Luis Pedro Zelaya, and the former comes courtesy of the Nano Challa Cooperative in the Jimma Zone of western Ethiopia. Look for notes of citrus and vanilla, accompanied by creamy milk chocolate. Order Stumptown Coffee Roasters “Evergreen” here.

Portrait Coffee Roasters “Kindred”

The 2020 Sprudgie Award winner for Notable Roaster, Portrait Coffee of Atlanta are offering a light, bright winter’s day of a holiday blend this year, with notes of “cranberry and lemon”. Coffees are sourced from Ethiopia and Guatemala, and are “meant to be the perfect company during the Winter season.” Order Portrait Coffee Roasters “Kindred” here.

Camber Coffee “Cambrrrr Winter Blend”

There’s just something magic that happens when two really special coffees get combined. This blend from Bellingham, Washington’s Camber Coffee splits the work of Ethiopia’s Bedhatu Jibicho with Honduran coffee producer Danny Moreno, fusing the Yirgacheffe and Santa Barbara. The final results are “sweet, round and juicy”—perfect for the holidays. Order Camber Coffee “Cambrrrr Winter Blend” here.

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