This juicy clip is a part of the (Recent) History Channel’s web series called Food Tech: Side Orders. From L.A. Tacos to Chicago Pizza, these little history lessons feel kind of like they’d be right at home in your 1995 Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia CD-Rom. It’s a flash from our not-too-distant past; because although it’s being presented as au courant, most of the filming actually took place nearly three years ago. Featuring Vivace’s David Schomer, Stumptown Seattle roaster Wolfgang Klinker, and a mustachioed co-founder Zachary Carlsen making a brief cameo. (Editors note: Was I wearing a necklace?!)

With thousands of varieties and and countless ways to prepare it, coffee has been a morning drink of choice and a popular pick-me-up for hundreds of years. Get a taste of the coffee capital of America: Seattle, Washington.

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Watch all of the videos o’er here at History’s Food Tech. Unfortunately, they’re all in an iPhone/Pad unfriendly Flash based format.

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