Are you ready for all the craziness in Seattle this weekend going down as part of the SCA Global Expo? The debuts, the parties, the whole weekend is going to be chockablock with coffee things to do. And one debut is taking place outside the walls of the Washington State Convention Center, as Faema’s E71 espresso machine is landing on American soil for the first time at Fonté Coffee Roasters.

The E71 has already made a name for itself on the other side of the Atlantic; it was the espresso machine used at Coffee Masters this year at the London Coffee Festival. But this is the first time Stateside folks will get a chance to take a gander. And sure, you could see it on the showroom floor along with all the other cool new tech being showed off. Or, you could take a breather from the action and enjoy a cup of coffee in a more normal setting.

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That’s where Fonté comes in. Starting Thursday, the 25-year old Seattle roaster will have a fully functioning E71 at their downtown cafe. Paul Odom, Fonté’s president and founder, is looking forward to showing off the espresso machine in a commercial setting:

The E71 has the most innovative brewing technology and will highlight the subtle nuances of our espresso blends, creating the best experience for our customer. More specifically, we like the innovative extraction process of the E71, which has a delayed water introduction to the espresso, a process that works well with our coffees.

But if a small reprieve of semi-normalcy isn’t enough to get you out of the convention center, Fonté has announced that 100% of the proceeds from espresso shots sold during the Global Coffee Expo will donated to Seattle homeless charities. So get out into the world, breathe in some fresh air, and grab an espresso from a machine you’ve probably never had the chance to see in action.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*Images via Fonté

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