The Coffee Sprudgecast is back! On this week’s episode of the Sprudge coffee podcast, we join co-hosts Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen from The Line Hotel in Washington D.C., somewhere betwixt a whirlwind of events across New York City, Philadelphia, and the DMV. This episode was taped on the eve of Black Coffee DC, the second stop of east coast Black Coffee events that included live shows at The Line Hotel in Washington DC and Classic Stage Company in Manhattan. A complete podcast presentation of these shows will be out shortly—stay tuned!

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On this week’s show, Zachary Carlsen interviews 2018 US Barista Championship silver medalist and Glitter Cat Barista Bootcamp founder T. Ben Fischer of Elixr Coffee. They talk competition soundtracks, the genesis of Glitter Cat, and emotions—so many emotions.

Elsewhere on the show we chat about meet n’ greets, Gritty latte art, catching New York feelings, why Daniel G. haunts our dreams, an upcoming event in Spokane with Indaba Coffee, and why “Sprudge don’t judge.” All this and much more on this week’s episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast.

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The Coffee Sprudgecast is sponsored by Oxo, Urnex Brands, Hario, and Swiss Water Decaf

Photos of T. Ben Fischer by Jake Olson for SCA.

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