Welcome to Sprudge Shop Spotlights, a new weekend series in which we highlight our very favorite items currently available in the ever-changing, fast-moving, utterly bespoke Sprudge Shop. Now shipping worldwide, featuring unique artist and brand collaborations from around the planet. Enjoy! 

Ah yes, the disposable cup. So fraught. So wasteful. Fortunately, there’s a movement afoot to do away with our disposable coffee cup culture, led by brands like KeepCup of Melbourne, Australia.

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Sprudge has collaborated with KeepCup on a limited number of reusable glass cork-lined cups, each one featuring a unique and adorable Sprudge kitty logo—the website’s name is hidden in meow-meow’s furry little muzzle pouch. So cute! And so practical.

Get your very own Sprudge x KeepCup collab cup today for 10% off using the promo code KEEPCUP. Supplies are limited so act fast, and join us again next week for another Sprudge Shop Highlight.

Sprudge KeepCup – $25.

Ships worldwide.

Disclosure: KeepCup is an advertising partner on Sprudge.

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