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The Australian Aeropress Champion will be crowned in Melbourne on Friday, May 16th, during the festivities surrounding the 2014 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE). will be there in full force, covering the competition and party live on Twitter, getting it done in the DJ booth, and celebrating the launch of Eileen P. Kenny’s Birds of Unusual Vitality, Vol 2.

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The event takes places at Filter, starting at 7pm. International Competitive Aeropress Ombudsman Tim Varney has more details on the World Aeropress Championship site:

This year will feature the top 18 Australian Aeropressers, made up of the top 5 from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, who have all run regional competitions. The NSW and Queensland competitions are happening this weekend – get involved! … Three spots will open for future Aeropress champions from the other Australian states and territories … these spots will open up on Monday 5th May. Keep your eye on twitter for announcements

The full announcement poster, designed by Aaron Maxwell from Everyday Coffee, is brilliant. Speaking of Everyday, the cafe’s own Mark W. Free will be part of the DJ chain gang at this event, reuniting the winning combo of DJs Sprudge & Free that rocked the house at the Everyday Coffee’s Chill Out last November.


The Australian Aeropress Championship will be one of the last national events before the World Aeropress Championships, happening June 9th in Rimini Italy, alongside the World Barista Championships. The US Aeropress Championships just went down in Seattle during the SCAA 2014 show, and Sprudge was there to bring you all the deets. The winner of the Australian Aeropress Championship gets a free flight to Rimini, to compete at the World Aeropress Championship. We’ll be there again for the second year in a row to DJ and document in partnership with our friends at WAC.

Ready, set, press!

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