The inflation rate in the United States right now sits at a staggering 9.1%, the highest it has been in 40 years. That drastic uptick in inflation isn’t just affecting Americans: the entire global economy is seeing price hikes on a par with what is happening in the US.

Per PBS, economists place most of the blame on two factors: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and an unexpected recovery from the pandemic, both of which are hamstringing the supply side while demand holds strong. The pandemic crashed much of the economy into chaos, from which it is still trying to recover. After an original dip, the economy made a surprising rebound that labor shortages and the supply chain weren’t equipped to handle, which has led to backlogs and further increased prices.

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We’ve discussed many of the supply chain issues in the past as they pertain to the coffee industry, but now, we want to hear from you. How, if at all, is inflation affecting your coffee? Whether you are a consumer, run a cafe, roaster, importer/exporter, producer, or exist anywhere along the coffee supply chain, we want to know what impact you are seeing. And if you haven’t felt the inflation hit, we want to hear that, too.

Take our brief, helpful poll below and let us hear about your experiences. We’ll then report back in the coming days with our findings.