Check out the first fruits of Stumptown Coffee‘s new partnership with uber-hip camp packers Poler Outdoor Stuff, both based in Portland, Oregon. The snazzy camping coffee bag contains two Poler & Stumptown lightweight “Camp Coffee” mugs, one standard issue AeroPress (including the classic Aerobie travel pouch, paper filters and measuring scoop), and one Porlex hand grinder (made in Japan, fits perfectly inside the AeroPress).

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The whole thing weighs about 2.5 pounds, is around a foot long and 7 inches tall. The bag itself has a rugged leather handle, attractive Poler-logo’d snap buttons, some sweet Poler & Stumptown graphics, and a leather Poler logo patch. The whole thing retails for $125 – we suggest you pair it up with an REI “Pocket Rocket” (just $39.95) for the ultimate mobile camp coffee kit. Just add fresh beans.

Here’s a list of 5 people we think this pack is totally perfect for:


The Casual Car Coffee Camper

The kind of person who takes their 4 wheel drive out to Battleground State Park, pumps up some jams on the car stereo, cracks open a cold one from the pre-packed cooler, and calls it good.

advert but first coffee cookbook now available



The Big Bad Bug-Out Van Dweller

This feller is powering up his electric kettle with the solar panels atop his conversion van. Blogging, brewing, getting away from it all…while still having it all, and making Aeropress after Aeropress long into the dark of night.


The Bouldering, Trail Bikin’, Rope Swingin’ Deep Woods Backpack Adventurerย 

He / she enjoys long hikes, extreme sports, Poler Stuff, and the documentation thereof on Poler’s lively Instagram. Please note, the Poler & Stumptown #CampCoffee pack has ample storage room for things like bear repellent.


The Middle-Aged Professional Weekend Freak-Out Hiker

On the weekdays, you’re as respectable as all get-out. But come Saturday, you’re packing light, putting some miles between you and the trailhead, and enjoying the grooviness of nature, wherever you may find it. You’ll need a little coffee come daybreak, and friend? There ain’t no man who can stop that sun from rising.



You know you want this bag. You might buy it hoping to inspire yourself to finally get out of the house this summer and take that camping drip. Hell, you might not evenย likeย camping, but you know what? You love form & function, and you love snazzy branding, and dammit, you’re ready to charge that card. Maybe it’ll wind up at a work gift swap come December. Who knows. All you know is “gimme gimme gimme.”

Poler & Stumptown #CampCoffee Kit – $125ย (via Stumptown – comes with 12oz of Holler Mountain Blend, natch.)