We’re proud to announce that our Sprudge Media network, host of the original podcast series Coffee Uncut, is now the home for Portafilter Interviews with Nick Cho. The very first episode of the Portafilter Interviews dropped late last night on iTunes. Portafilter Interviews is a “new edition” of the Portafilter.net podcast, originally hosted by Nick Cho and Jay Caragay. The show went on hiatus in 2008 and had a resurgence in 2011 with Nick Cho and Mark Inman. Now, Portafilter Interviews has a fresh new format. Portafilter Interviews is “conversations by, for, and about the people and personalities in the coffee industry.”

“The original run of the Portafilter Podcast was really inspired by the idea of learn along with me,” host Nick Cho tells us, “When I brought it back in 2011, it was because I was considering the idea that it was time to do some teaching. But it was an awkward fit format-wise, and the amount of editing and production it took to get it to where I was happy with was more than I could handle, and I got burned-out after just 5 shows. There was actually a 6th show that Mark and I recorded, but that never made it on the air because it wasn’t good enough. So the idea of the Portafilter Interviews is actually ‘learn along with me’ again, just in a different, more focused way. I interview people who I think people need to hear from, and we discuss topics I think people need to hear.”

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Ric Rhinehart (Portafilter.net)
Ric Rhinehart (Portafilter.net)

In the first episode, Nick Cho interviews SCAA Executive Director Ric Rhinehart. In the hour, Mr. Rhinehart talks about his early days eating wings as a KFC fry cook in the 1970s – and how that lead him to his role today. It is a compelling hour of radio – and we hope you’ll listen.

The first in a series of interviews, we get to know Ric Rhinehart, the Executive Director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Duration: 1h 17m 51s

Show music: “Desert Song” by Samuel Kim.http://www.samueljosephkim.com

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Twitter: @pfpodcast @nickcho @r2studio
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