Illustrations by Thomas Putnam.
Illustrations by Thomas Putnam.

There comes a time in every blog’s life when editorial flights of fancy become intertwined with the demands of practicality.–a popular coffee publication based in Portland, Oregon that you are at this very moment enjoying–is at such a crossroads now, as we endeavor to embark on an ambitious campaign of blogatorial betterment in 2015.

Appreciation for care and consideration in coffee has grown up and gone global. To help us better blog the brave new world of brews, we here at Sprudge are seeking a Web Production Assistant to join our team. This is a part-time, generally remote position totalling 20 hours per week. While the location is flexible, we do require a commitment to be online for some period of time each day during our production hours, 8am-5pm PST.

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The Web Production Assistant is an entry level position within the editorial team at Sprudge, one that amounts to a proverbial invitation to step inside our roastery–you’re going to see how we track the wild array of coffee news samples coming through our warehouse every day, and learn about the many quality control steps required to get all these coffee story seeds roasted up to an acceptable range of lightness and, of course, acidity. This is not a writing position, but is rather an under-the-hood production and assistant job that will help us make smoother-running, more robust, and more informative than ever. In the process, you’ll be getting tons of hands-on experience with the endeavor of running a global news publication in an expanding field of media.

cupping cats sprudge
Illustrations by Thomas Putnam.

You will, in effect, be one of these cats, keeping track of every batch that goes out, weeding out defects that slipped through the news process, all to ensure that each and every reader gets their delicious, delicate, daily cup of Sprudge.

Much more information is available in this post on our very own hiring board,–from its inception we’ve been surprised by the success and popularity that this job board has found, and we think it’s the perfect platfrom to get this job out to as wide a range of applicants as possible. Sprudge is a big believer in diversity of thought and experience, and we encourage absolutely anyone who thinks they have what it takes to apply for this job.

Linea Cat
Illustrations by Thomas Putnam.

Being like nap on a Linea cat up there sure looks appealing, but there is work to be done. No one should be resting on the espresso machine until each eager guest has gotten their cup. If you want to help us ensure that every reader receives a splendid cup of Sprudge to brighten their day, and learn more about what that kind of work looks like in a rapidly-expanding web-first publication, you should come join our team.

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