It’s a hot day, you want something cold and refreshing. You want something sweet, spicy, and full of punch. When a traditional iced Americano just won’t do, try the “Fat Americano”, a new twist on an old classic from Alex The Coffee in Korea.

“Fat Americano”


Double shot of espresso.
One cold can (12oz) of Coca-Cola Classic.
A tall glass of ice.


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Pour Coca-Cola Classic over tall glass of ice.


Pour espresso over Coca-Cola Classic.


Serve and enjoy!

Tasting Notes

The “Fat Americano” takes the flavor experience of an ice cold Coca-Cola Classic and enhances it with the complexity of an espresso. Alex The Coffee’s Modern “Sol” Espresso has dark chocolate and ripe fruit in the cup, marrying with the Coca-Cola Classic beautifully. The drink is refreshing, sweet, balanced, and full of caffeine.

Photo credit: Alex Choi

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