You see that up there? That’s the original concept drawing for, from all the way back in August of 2009, as doodled by Zachary Carlsen behind the bar at Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Pine Street location in Seattle. We’re sharing this drawing with you today because just moments ago, the Specialty Coffee Association announced its list of 2013 Recognition Awards, and we’re pretty much so happy we could cry.

We’re honored, surprised, and delighted to report that we’ve received the 2013 Distinguished Author / Publishers Award from the SCAA. We will accept this award in Boston at the opening ceremonies of the 25th Annual SCAA Exposition, The Event, happening April 11th-14th.

Here’s more on what the award is:

“Each year, the SCAA honors outstanding achievements in the specialty coffee industry and unique contributions to the association. The SCAA’s Recognition Awards are selected by a panel from the SCAA Past President’s Council. These leaders have made contributions to the industry, resulting in the development and promotion of coffee excellence and sustainability.”

Here’s more from the awards announcement:

winners-list“ is the world’s most popular and shared coffee publication. Started in 2009 by two childhood friends, the website has grown into a daily source of coffee news, event coverage, industry insight and original journalism, drawing from a diverse pool of contributors representing the very best coffee writers working today.  The website is proudly dedicated to providing thorough coverage of specialty coffee competitions, including the United States regional barista circuit, the United States Barista Championship, and the World Barista Championship. Along the way their work has been featured, linked, or excerpted by countless popular news sources, all with the goal of presenting coffee culture, baristas, importers, producers and roasters in a positive light.”

Previous recipients.

“ is partnered with a diverse roster of companies, representing all facets of the specialty coffee industry – from machine manufacturers to green coffee importers, from cafe consultants to roaster / retailers, and much more.  The website remains a labor of love, wholly owned and operated by two friends who met each other at the tender age of 14. As their website grows, they invite you to join them as readers and supporters. This award is a great honor for them, and they hope to do it justice for many years to come.”



We’ll be there in tuxes at the SCAA Awards Ceremony in Boston, unless this is all a dream, in which case Justin Bieber will accept the award for Zachary, and Jordan will be busy starting third base (and batting .312) for the Seattle Mariners. Either way, we’re renting tuxes.