Exciting news for us today, as we can announced that will be taking part in not one, but two “banter sessions” at the forthcoming Tamper Tantrum Live event in Nice, France. For those unfamiliar with TTL, it defines itself as being equal parts “Coffee + Geekery + Soapbox”, which means you’ll have a chance to listen to, look at, and demand answers from some of the brightest minds in global specialty coffee. The Tantrum is the work of Stephen Leighton (proprietor of Has Bean) and Colin Harmon (proprietor of 3FE); past events included 2011 and 2012 shindigs in Dublin, Ireland, and a well-regarded 2012 event in conjunction with the SCAE / WBC convention in Vienna, Austria. This year’s event happens as part of the World Of Coffee — Nice, France 2013 mega-event, put on by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

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We’ll be participating in two of Tamper Tantrum Live’s informal “banter sessions” on Wednesday, June 26th and Thursday, June 27th, both days at 3pm Nice time. Day One’s hour will be a grilling of Your Sprudge Editors at the hands of your hosts, Mssrs. Leighton and Harmon – they want to know more about the who’s, the why’s, and the future of our growing global Sprudgey empire. Day Two will be a bit more free-form, as we’ll be co-hosting ourselves alongside TTL folks, and bringing on a cavalcade of stars from the upper echelon of specialty coffee’s stratosphere, including fellow journalists we think quite highly of, great thinkers, and perhaps a WBC past champ or two.

You can watch the whole thing via Livestream! The remarkable speakers throughout this event include Gwilym Davies, Carl Sara, Cory Andreen, Raul Rodas, Sonja Björk Grant, and many more. TTL is set to be one of the industry’s premiere collections of thought and intrigue for 2013, and we’re delighted and honored to be a part of it.

Much more on Tamper Tantrum Live is available here.

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