You’ve got globetrotting dreams. But you’ve also got a barista paycheck, and these two things don’t always see eye to eye. Still, there is another way. Rotterdam’s Man Met Bril Koffie (or Man with Coffee Glasses) is about to open “the world’s first coffee hotel,” and you can come work there for a few months.

What they are describing as the “first program of its kind,” MMBK is offering residency to coffee professionals and enthusiasts as well as hospitality industry workers to come to The Netherlands and pull a few bar shifts. Their hope, per the website is to “foster a pan-European coffee culture” and to “learn from each other and inspire each other in the work that we love so much.”

man met bril coffie hotel
The soon to be completed hotel.

More than just a vacation you have to pay to work your way through, the residency program from MMBK offers a “market conform salary” as well as a free place to stay at the hotel while you are working there. All the while you have the chance to explore a new culture in a city less than an hour from other cultural hubs like Amsterdam and The Hague.

The 20-room hotel, cafe, restaurant, and meeting space is still under construction in Rotterdam’s Crooswijk neighborhood but is expected to open in the near future, and Man Met Bril Koffie is taking applications via their website for its residency program once the doors are officially open.

advert new rules of coffee now available


To drum up excitement for the program, MMBK is going out on a two-month Residency Road Trip tour of Europe in their 1971 Citroën they have converted into a coffee van. Over the course of 20 stops, the team at Man Met Bril Koffie will be organizing mini-events with local cafes and passing out bags of Gesha coffee, all the while enlisting new recruits to come spend some time behind bar at their new cafe. You can follow along on their European tour via Instagram, where you can also find a tentative map of tour as well as the cities it will be stopping in.

There are worse ways to spend two months than working your way through a European vacation. And let’s be honest, you were going to be spending most of your time at cafes anyway. May as well get paid for it. For more information, visit Man Met Bril Koffie’s official website.

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All images via Man Met Bril Koffie