Meet Iain Evans and Mel Winter, the editors of the new South African coffee magazine The Coffee Mag. Iain and Mel ask, “are you ready for the kick?

This website and magazine aims to be a platform for communication between the obsessive coffee professionals and the avid coffee drinkers, nurturing a growing coffee community and culture. Think about your local coffee spot – it has already begun. You are those people!

We travel the country constantly searching for interesting coffee stories. We are the people you see in your local cafes; laptops out, coffee supply constant. Like you, we're into buying beans from our local roastery and sourcing new supplies of precious beans to share with like-minded people who are as passionate as we are about fresh, gourmet coffee. We're experimenting with home brewing methods, and in the coming pages of our mag and these blogs, we'll share what we learn, and we'd love you to share yours with us too.

Color us curious! The first 10,000 folks that sign up for this new quarterly magazine (within South Africa) receive a free quarterly subscription!

The website it just a scream. They have a comic strip called the Daily Grind:

Find out more here! Glegh!