Coffee has been around for centuries – but a new form of ingesting coffee is gaining popularity in certain circles and it’s extremely dangerous. Viral videos of teenagers smoking coffee are currently all the rage online, and there’s more than just palate abuse at stake. Concerned parents would do well to keep an eye on their children – especially teenaged children – and more importantly, moms and dads need to speak out directly to their kids against trying this harmful coffee fad.

Guides to smoking (or “vaping”) coffee are published online (like this guide featuring the photo above), and are widely available for teens to access freely from their home computers or school networks. Porkulent’s instructions are especially detailed:

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Light up the coffee bean and toke heavily. The coffee bean should melt into the scouring pad and produce white coffee vapor. Although you can no longer see the bean, you can continue to periodically apply flame to the scouring pad end of the tube to produce more coffee vapor. Repeat until the bean is consumed and no more vapor appears. Use caution not to apply the flame for too long in one go or you might ignite the copper. Inhaling flaming copper is no fun.

The apparatus is cheap, the process is remarkably tolerant of variations in preparation, and the vaporization of the bean produces none of the characteristic bitterness of brewed coffee. It’s perfect.

What are some of the effects of smoking coffee?

Source: MedLine Plus

What should you do if you catch your teen smoking?

Cafe Mom provides some methods of dealing with your troubled teen if you catch them smoking. “Talk to your teen about the dangers,” is one such example. Or put your foot down and “just say no, then talk about the consequences.” Some (hippie) parents feel like it’s the child’s choice to make.

At any rate, keep an eye out for coffee smoking apparatuses around the house and above all, communicate with your children. Let them know that they don’t have to turn to coffee smoking to get their 30 minute pleasure trips.

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