The Seattle-based producer of hand-crafted espresso machines, Slayer, will be participating in this year’s Specialty Coffee EXPO in Boston from April 8-10, exhibiting their Slayer Espresso V3, Slayer Steam EP, and Slayer Steam LP.

What makes Slayer espresso machines particularly unique is that each machine is made-to-order. To showcase this point, a veteran member of the Slayer production team will be building their flagship Slayer Espresso V3 in the booth over the course of the show. Akin to a live artistic performance, guests will have the opportunity to gaze inside the raw inner workings of a Slayer machine. Uncompromisingly manual and completely focused on extraction, the Slayer Espresso V3 is the only espresso machine that lets users precisely and consistently control the flow rate of water via patented needle-valve technology. This capability grants baristas the possibility to develop incredible flavor profiles in their espresso that is unparalleled in flavor and mouthfeel. The Espresso V3 comes equipped with independent brew tanks per group for impeccable temperature stability and a dedicated tank for unlimited steam capacity.

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steam ep 1
Steam Ep 

The Slayer Steam EP elevates ‘entry-level’ to a higher standard: with individual brew boilers, no steam valve rebuilds and easy to program volumetric output, this machine is perfect for multi locations and chain cafes who need a push button/volumetric output machine. Other features like a programmable Pre-Wet phase, massive drip tray, low counter height for customer engagement, and easy access to internal parts make maintenance and service quicker and more convenient for its users.

The Slayer Steam LP, on the other hand, provides access to easy manual pressure profiling and excellent espresso extraction. Volumetric outputs are easily repeated by “recording” recipes as the user inputs their settings, shots can then be “played back” at the same consistency using the paddle actuator. This machine provides baristas with advanced-level brewing techniques and easy repeatability – a “dream machine” for those seeking accuracy through pressure profiling and repeatability functions.

v3 production 4

All three models will be on display at the Slayer Booth (877), and the Slayer team will be available to answer any questions. Slayer will not be brewing any coffee at their booth, but encourages guests to visit and support their partner booths around the trade show who will be using Slayer espresso machines:

getchu some gear/Brewista – Lobby Pop-Up
San Franciscan Roaster – Booth 301
Myracle Kitchen – Booth 781
Giesen USA – Booth 379
Mahlkönig, Ditting, Anfim, HeyCafé – Booth 491

Their recent move to a larger production facility will allow them to build the world’s best espresso machines with more efficiency, consistency and speed. The team is looking forward to meeting and collaborating with their global community in their new future home and at the EXPO.

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