Let’s face it, friends – sharks are so hot right now. Not since a young Stephen Spielberg shocked audiences with Jaws has the world (and the Internet) been abuzz with tooth fish. The summer made-for-TV blogbuster Sharknado has brought Tara Reid back from the dead, this week is #SharkWeek over on the Discovery Channel, and now two free divers in the Caribbean have taken part in a shark photo shoot – with coffee! 


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More from (where else?) CNN:

The picture of two men having coffee by a lamp — featuring Tunisian freediving champion Walid Boudhiaf and Caribbean Cup organizer Esteban Darhanpe — took 50 minutes to create, with the men receiving oxygen from standby assistants around every three minutes.

“The light bulb was a remotely triggered strobe that we duct-taped to the lamp,” explained Barrett. “And it was that particular piece that was the comedy of the whole thing.

“On the way back up, we were holding onto the table with the lamp hanging off it during our decompression stop in the raging current — it was quite a scene.”

The photo:


That photo is some #SharkWeek realness.

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