Prize-Winning Pig

Calling all United States roasters! Send the Good Food Awards your prized pig coffees! Now!

It’s that time of the year, a very special time indeed. The 2013 Good Food Awards are upon us, and the GFA’s are accepting written submissions from roasters across the United States. Your entry form is heresubmissions are accepted until July 31st. Please note that no actual roasted samples are required until September, and it is possible to change/modify a submitted entry’s info after July 31 – a placeholder or TBA entry is allowed.

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Curious what you’ll be up against? Check out this buying guide to last year’s GFA coffee finalists. Want to know more about the event? Here’s some official language on the event from Good Food Awards:

This year we are asking for an increased amount of information from all coffee entrants to further ensure that submitted coffees meet the Good Food Awards sustainability criteria. This includes additional detail about growing practices and price transparency. A panel of coffee industry sustainability experts will review entries to determine whether or not the sustainability criteria are met. If not, additional information may be requested from the submitting roaster.

Only coffees that meet or exceed the sustainability criteria will be included in the September blind tasting. For each entry, please answer all questions thoroughly to ensure there is sufficient information to verify sustainability criteria. (If you do not have sufficient information on a coffee, perhaps consider submitting a different coffee.) An example of the sustainability profile of one of last year’s winning coffees is available for viewing here.

Please note that the coffee category has a limit of two entries per company (company is defined as a roaster operating under the same name, regardless of multiple roasting locations). Thank you for your interest in and support of the Good Food Awards!

Read our coverage of the 2012 Good Food Awards here. 


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