Doggos, they are a gift to humanity, they are but a glimpse of God’s unconditional love for us all sinners, made incarnate and incredibly fluffy and sometimes a little drooly. Dog owners, on the other hand, well, not so much. It is true that there are no bad dogs, only bad dog owners. So the question then is this: should these divine creatures be allowed in cafes? This is a question we posted to the masses last week on Instagram, and people had some thoughts.


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We are of course talking solely about non-service animals in the context of the question posed above. If I were a cafe owner, I’d be much more inclined to allow all the floofs and poofs in before I would their humans. Dogs are generally better behaved and more empathetic than no-tipping Jan who needs their extra hot iced latte, like, yesterday. Still, the cruelty of ordinary corrupt human love hast taken its toll on some of these majestic creatures, and thus they are perhaps not suited for the world at large through no real fault of their own. It is within this unknown that most people appear to express hesitation in allowing for a full-blown canine cafe.


While there were a handful of resounding Yes’s, including one cafe whose existence is just a front to meet as many dogs as possible, most of the No’s in the comments came from folks who don’t trust the dog owners. From inattentive owners to those without the good sense to know if their pooch was ready to handle the stimulus of a cafe visit, the majority of the doggo declines were polite if not downright upset about it.

doggo nos

Others, probably cat people, offered more pragmatic explanations for their anti-dog sentiment, mainly sanitation. Having little fur babies running around will inevitably leave follicular remnants in their wake, and preparing food and drink in that sort of environment may not pass muster.

doggos no

Then there was this frankly very good counterargument.

doggos invisiblebaristagirl

Ultimately, the answer is left up to the discretion of the cafe owners (and perhaps some sort of city regulation). In a perfect world, dogs, cats, birds, lizards, and any other pet would be allowed into this caffeinated utopia, but alas thus is not the world we live in. Humanity has fallen, and dogs, in their eternal love and loyalty, have followed along behind to make sure we are doing ok. If they don’t deserve a puppaccino, then I don’t know who does.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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