This Thursday, May 31st, thirsty Seattleites and Pacific Northwesterners of all stripes would do well to hit up the Caffe Ladro location in Fremont, where from 6pm onward they’ll be brewing up some special new arrivals from the Mierisch family farms in Nicaragua. The event is being held in conjunction with #TNTNW, sponsored by Espresso Parts and Competitors at this particular #TNTNW event receive super-cool special print t-shirts from Ladro, and of course, a chance for social glory and financial numeration.

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Latte art contests are all well and good, but we’re especially excited to try Ladro’s coffees from Nicaragua. The Mierisch family has long been synonymous with quality – past offerings via Intelligentsia offered ample evidence to this claim – and this Thursday marks the roll-out of multiple new-to-Ladro offerings, including three coffees from Finca San Jose. On hand will be two 100% caturra “estate lots” (one washed, one pulp natural), along with Ladro’s roast of the Mierisch’s java nica coffee variety. Quoth Ladro’s Director of Coffee, Jared Linzmeier: “Java nica is a rare and curious little coffee. If you roast it just right and brew it just right, it’s got this delicate floral quality to it, reminiscent of a Yirgacheffe, with black tea and bergamot notes.”

In addition to these coffees from Finca San Jose, we’ll be able to try Ladro’s 100% caturra Mama Nina microlot, and a pulped natural pacamara from Finca Limoncillo. Mr. Linzmeier has recently been to all of these farms, and will be on hand to talk about his experiences there and guide us through the range of flavors available that abound in Nicaraguan coffees. So come drink some tasty Chemex, why doncha? If you haven’t been to Ladro Fremont recently, they’ve got brand new gorgeous siphon pot light fixtures, a 3-group Strada EP, multiple selections available via AeroPress, and they’re in close proximity to the Fremont PCC, home to like the best grocery store sandwiches of all time…


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