Via Uncrate:

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


The Scanomat Top Brewer ($TBA) lurks underneath your kitchen counter or inside your island, using dual grinders to ensure your source is as fresh as possible, heating fresh water for every cup using a unique boiler system and cleaning itself automatically, all springing to life with a single tap on your iPhone. It takes just 15 seconds to deliver a cup of filtered coffee, 25 seconds for a shot of espresso, and likely even less time to empty your bank account.

15 seconds for a cup of filtered coffee? We’ve heard of the dump-over method, but this is ridiculous! How long til one of these hunkzajunk goes sentient and decides to start cutting your capp foam with Max Gel Dual Force Drano? Did humanity learn nothing from the Terminator franchise?

Could it possibly taste good?

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