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The Executive Breakfast: 8am, Wednesday

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All the stars are out at the SCAA Symposium breakfast. Look there – it’s a World Barista Champion! To your left, the distinguished gentlemen from Burundi. Don’t stop now – that’s George Howell! Don’t stare, keep your cool, and go have some complimentary breakfast sausage. It may be 8:15 am, but you’ll be forgiven for mistaking this for happy hour.

Tuxedos and distinguished moustachios are the order of the day in the breakfast ballroom – and that’s just the staff! Meanwhile, the entry concourse is a veritable smorgasbord of delicious coffees, from world class roasters like PT’s Coffee, Stumptown, Coava, Verve, Olympia Coffee Roasters, and Klatch Coffee, just to name a few. Baristas with a heady competition schedule staring them down have made time to serve coffee to delegates and symposium goers from around the world, gettin’ it done on the Bunn Trifecta, making V60 and Chemex pour overs, and rocking a good old fashion french press.

The program is starting! Tracy Ging looks faaaaaaabulous! Look, it’s Hal Hamilton! Stick with us throughout the day for ongoing coverage!

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